11 Biggest Tattoo Trends Of 2024, According to Tattoo Artists

In this article I am going to show you some creative and quite professionally depicted tattoo design trends for 2024 which look fascinating and grab attention. Here you can see designs in different styles like Japanese, tribal, 3D and traditional. These options are both for men and women.

#1 Skull Tattoo Design

Skull tattoo are very popular especially among men. They look startling and are very impressive. These tattoos are generally combined with flowers, jewelry and few are cases when they are taken along with the cross. The bold and dark colors used for these tattoos make them look more realistic and if they are done in 3D style the effect becomes even astounding.

#2 3D Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos are mainstream tattoos and they are chosen by most men and women. Like the pother animal tattoos wolf tattoos also have deep symbolic meanings which inspire many people. They stand for power, strength, loyalty, mystery, success, survival and family. Here you see a wolf tattoo in 3D style which is very beautiful and influential.

#3 Owl Tattoo Design

Owl is very interesting creature that differs from many birds with its lifestyle. There are many stories and legends associated with owls. They symbolize wisdom, freedom, secrets, intelligence, intuition and vision. The represented design is depicted on upper back and it’s mainly in neutral black and brown colors.

#4 Crown Tattoo on Neck


If you feel as if you are a king or a queen of your own kingdom you may like the idea of getting a crown tattoo on your body. This girl has chosen a bright colored and very eye-catching crown tattoo which she has worn on her neck. It looks very spiffy and speaks about the bearer’s way of thinking and interests.

#5 Tribal Turtle tattoo

Usually tribal tattoos have different shapes and designs but this one is a tribal inspired turtle tattoo which looks very charming and fascinating. It represents peace, safety, healing, gentleness, longevity and protection. If you like this animal you can go for this tattoo.

#6 Bible Themed Tattoo on Back

When it comes to bible themed tattoos people choose different designs matching their preferences and interests. Here you see Jesus Christ tattoo which is depicted very beautifully and covers the entire back. Due to the detailed work you feel the aura and the influence this tattoo tends to bring. It’s a unique body art masterpiece that looks astounding.

#7 Koi Fish Japanese Tattoo

Koi fish is a powerful creature in the Japanese culture which represents wealth, richness and good luck. People believe that it brings good fortune with it and the golden hues of this fish stands for richness. It’s a great idea for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo design.

#8 Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

Like many other flowers hibiscus also have symbolic meanings. It stands for wealth, charm, hospitality, fame, love and elegance. This tattoo is mainly chosen by women and each goes for a color that meets her taste and interests. It makes body even more beautiful and attractive.

#9 Compass Tattoo Design

Compass tattoos are very popular especially among travelers. These tattoos mean destination, right way and safety. This one is done in 3D style and looks very artistic.

#10 Clock Tattoo Idea

Clock is one of the most useful subjects each of us utilizes. As a tattoo design it’s great because you can choose different shapes, details and sizes for your tattoo. Here you see a clock tattoo inked on the thigh but according to your preferences you can get it on any body part you like.