17 Awesome Skull Tattoo Designs for Women

Tattoos are meant to show off the desires, preferences, interests, lifestyle and the attitude towards the world. Just for this reason it’s very essential what tattoo designs you choose and what message you put in it. As for skull tattoo ideas one may find so many examples that she will get confused in them. There are different approaches for these tattoos and different styles that are used to create a tattoo design for 2024.

From the first sight skull tattoos seem very eye-catching. They are cool enough but sometimes look too striking. So, before you go for a skull tattoo take into account the opinions of your friends, relatives, and family members and consider the possible reactions of the people around you. The desire of getting a skull tattoo is not enough for it. You should make sure you need it and should get familiar with the history and meanings of the chosen design.

If you have decided to get a skull tattoo you’d better do a thorough research to find the best design for you. Skulls are often considered as scary and very frightening objects. They are usually the symbols of the death and life at the same time. The colors, combinations and the shapes of the designs speak about the meaning of your skull tattoo. For example if it’s too gloomy and is depicted in dark shades it represents death, strength and power and is basically chosen by men. These tattoos look even more impressive in 3D style with influential shiny eyes. The designs combined with flowers stand for the life.

The concept of these tattoos is that in spite of the shortness of the life it goes on. Due to the subtle combinations they are picked by women too. Among the popular designs you can also see sugar skull tattoos. They have a Mexican origin and are usually dedicated to the Mexican festival called “the Day of the Death”. Surprisingly sugar skulls are depicted in vid colors, cheerful combination and interesting details that are far from being scary, sad or bad-looking.

Actually they are very stylish and eye-caching tattoos that grab attention and look beautiful enough. As they are mainly formed with the help of floral elements the delicate look is provided somehow. Other traditional skull tattoos are tribal skull tattoo designs. These are in black color and are the favorites of the majority of men. They have dark and bold borders which make them very powerful. Grim Reaper tattoos also come up with skull images.

They represent death and are among the most striking tattoos of all times. Skull and crossbones tattoos make the next popular category. This was worn by pirates in old times and is often seen along with a flag. These tattoos in their turn symbolize poison and danger. They were used in order to frighten enemies as well.

So, as you see there are many skull tattoo designs between which you can make your choice. Try to pick the one that meets your interests and is well-known for you.