The Top 2024 Tattoo Trends Put a Modern Spin on the Classics

In 2024 the majority of women go for tattoos choosing the most masculine and impressive designs. Though there are 1000 of tattoo design ideas created for women but we found out the top 15 tattoos for women and now we will speak about them representing some amazing pictures.


All in all the most common tattoos for women include tribal tattoos, skull tattoos, and Celtic tattoos and cross tattoos. Other designs that can be used as tattoo ideas are phoenix, bluebird, nautical star, anchor and dragon. The popular body parts for women tattoos are usually backs, chests, arms and lower backs.!


Tattoos on Chest: Chest provide with enough space for a big tattoo that’s why many men get a tattoo design on their chests. It makes this body part more attractive and eye-catching. You can wear a cross, nautical star, Celtic knot or a bluebird tattoo on your chest and it will quite influential.


Tattoos on Back: another large body part is back which gives you an opportunity of getting very big tattoo design on your body. Perhaps it’s the largest canvas provided for an effective tattoo design. The most common design that looks very impressive on back is phoenix tattoo.


Lower Back Tattoos: For a hot tattoo you can choose your lower back. Probably this is the place getting tattoos on which may appeal to your partner. You can get a cool tribal tattoo on it and it will look even more attractive.


Arm Tattoos: arm is the body part that shows off your tattoo beautifully providing much space for any tattoo design. They are easily displayable and this is one of the reasons why men choose arm tattoos.

Below you can find examples of these tattoos.