Tattoos for Women

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Clock Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Time is precious and we have created clocks not only to know the time of the day but also to appreciate it. Besides showing the time clocks are also great decorations for our houses, offices and why not, for our wrists. There are different kinds of clocks and according to this people created different clock tattoos. You can see pocket clock tattoos, watches, hourglasses and alarm clocks.

10+ Baby Name Tattoo Ideas for Inked Moms

When we are born we are given names. This is very common and not so exiting, but I find something very fascinating in it and would like to share it with my readers too. Today’s article will be devoted to name tattoo ideas and we’ll refer to some amusing things about these tattoos. If you are thinking of a name tattoo then keep on reading to find out what possible ideas there are for these tattoos.

10+ Insanely Hot Leg Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Sleeve tattoos have quite large and complicated designs which cover either your entire leg or arm. Today we’ll speak about leg sleeve tattoos for women and will discuss some ideas for this kind of tattoos. Women who go for sleeve tattoos usually choose designs that could enhance the beauty of their legs and can represent their personality. And the subtler your design the more feminine you’ll look.

16 Best Mexican Tattoos for Women to Try in 2022

Mexican tattoos are considered as old tattoos which are basically chosen by Mexicans. But the bright colors and the creative solutions of these designs appeal to many people and even just because of their vividness they are worn by many other men and women as well. Mexican culture plays a great role in tattoo art and like Japanese body art Mexican tattoos are also very popular.

10+ Chic & Sexy Hip Tattoo Ideas To Inspire Your Next Trip To The Parlor

Everyone who has ever dealt with tattoo art surely knows how requested tribal tattoos are. They are very meaningful and in most cases people choose these tattoos. There are various designs for men and women and today we’ll speak about tribal tattoo designs for women. Females that have decided to go for a tribal tattoo should be very careful in the choice of the design to pick a subtle and feminine tattoo for them.

15 Heartbeat Tattoo Ideas That are Worth Trying

Heartbeat or EKG line tattoos are lately making a big trend in tattoo art. They are already loved by most people among both sexes. This is quite fascinating and meaningful tattoo that has a subtle and very spiffy designs especially combined with a shape of a heart. They are becoming more and more requested and in 2016 these tattoos can look very stylish.

20+ Travel Tattoo Ideas That’ll Give You Wanderlust

Traveling is one of the most pleasures adventures each human being should do at least once in his/her life. It can change your mood, psychological state and the way of thinking. Many travelers that don’t imagine their life without journeys and they consider themselves globetrotters usually go for travel inspired tattoos. These tattoos are modern ways of showing your love towards traveling and nature.

10 Beautiful Leg Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you have seen leg tattoos covering an entire leg or arm, then perhaps you were impressed by it. These tattoos are one of the largest and most complicated tattoos that are basically worn by men. Women sometimes also go for these tattoos choosing subtler designs. They prefer to wear them on their limbs and thighs to emphasize the beauty of their legs.

17 Meaningful Mom Tattoos That Celebrate Motherhood

Nowadays people look for many creative ways to show their love towards their sister, brother, dad, mom, best friend and soul mate. It’s very popular to choose matching tattoos which are the best options for amusing and capturing the heart of the person you love. Today I am going to introduce you the best of best; top 10 matching tattoos. These tattoos are the most unique and astounding tattoos I have ever seen.

15 Best Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs To Express Yourself

Flowers are symbols of beauty and delicacy. They are usually associated with the most beautiful and charming things in the world. Each flower has a kind of tenderness that allures us and makes us think of the magnificent power it has. They inspire us and many people go for flower tattoos. One of them is lotus flower tattoos designs which are very spiffy.