14 Best Music Tattoos for Everyone in 2024

“Music is life”,  “find your freedom in the music”, “words fail, music speaks”: all these are music inspired phrases that make me and people go for music quote tattoos in 2024.


The melodies and the songs we listen to speak about our emotional state, feelings, thoughts and character. Music can tell lots of things about the people. It’s the flight of the soul and the delightful feelings that surround our hearts.


There is a great expression that beautifully describes what music is. Actually music is what feelings sound like and people composing melodies and songs are just talented. Of course each of us chooses the genres closer to his/her heart and listens to songs which make him/her feel happy or sometimes feel sad. There many music genres like classical, rock, pop, jazz, blues, folk, international, urban and so on.


There are people who just go mad by music and can’t imagine their life without it. “Because when people haven’t always been there for me, music has” and this is reality that’s why today so many people wear music note, musical instrument and music quote tattoos on their bodies.


These tattoos give you the chance of having a unique and unrepeatable tattoo on any body area you like. There are millions of quotes about music and you can pick the one that best describes your thoughts, feelings and way of thinking.


In this article I’ll suggest some popular music quotes among which you can make your choice for your tattoo. If you have some other ideas about these tattoos you can use them. You may even wear the quite composed by you and this will be an original idea.


So, here are some music quotes to be used as tattoos. “Without music, life would be a mistake.” “Some people have lives, some people have music.” “Music makes my heartbeat”. “Let music be the voice”. “The earth has music for those who listen”. “Music is the sound of life”. “Music is love” or “Love is music” and so on.


Both men and women love to get music quote tattoos. The body parts they choose for these tattoos depend on their preferences and on the size they pick for their design. Since these are quotes you can use any font you like for your tattoo. You can get in on your back, nape, chest, shoulder, rib, arm, forearm and leg in large sizes.


For a smaller design you may like to have it on your wrist, stomach, lower back and any other body part that can look prettier with a small tattoo on. Those who like detailed and eye-catching tattoo designs can combine their quote with musical notes, stars, hearts, and dandelion leaving our notes.


You can even add the musical instrument you like or headphones to your tattoo design for a more modern look. The options are various and using your own imagination you can wear an incredible and amazing tattoo. The colors chosen for these tattoos are usually in neutral hues.


You can get a black inked quote tattoo and if you have other additional elements you can have them in different colors. According to your taste and interests you are welcome to choose any tint you like. But keep in mind that the most important thing about these tattoos is their charm.


The subtler your designs the more pleasant it will look. Men generally choose big designs while women go for smaller and more feminine tattoos. Here you can see beautiful examples of music quite tattoos and since they are very popular you may consider one of them as your new tattoo.