13 Heartbeat Tattoos That’ll Leave You Breathless

EKG or Heartbeat line tattoo concepts are lately making a big trend in tattoo art 2024. They are already loved by most people among women. This is quite fascinating and meaningful tattoo that has a subtle and very spiffy designs especially combined with a shape of a heart. They are becoming more and more requested and these tattoos can look very nice in 2024.


If you have ever seen the screen on which the heartbeat of a person is seen perhaps you have thought about the shortness of the life for a couple of minutes. This line brings lots of emotions and confused feelings. It’s very exciting and touching at the same time.


Many people that have passed through this emotional state got inspired by it and decided to wear a heartbeat tattoo. Some do it to remember someone very special for them. There are cases when people choose this tattoo to show that their heart beats for someone special. These tattoos are usually decorated with an image of a heart which represents love. Whatever the reason I love these tattoos and consider them very charming and captivating. And if you have your reason for this kind of tattoo then it becomes more interesting.


The designs for heartbeat tattoos are limited but the options to make it unique are plenty enough. The most come designs of a heartbeat tattoo is the well-known EKG line. Well, if you want to get an incredible heartbeat tattoo then you are supposed to combine it with special elements. If you get it to remember someone you can add his/her name to your tattoo design. If you want to show your love towards someone you can add a heart in the middle of the line.


Other options are music notes which represent your love towards music. It speaks louder than words showing that your heart beats only if there is music. You can also add a cross to your tattoo design. Another great idea is depicting a wise quote along with a heartbeat tattoo design. The most used color for these tattoos are black and red. However you can go for a colorful design. Many couples go for these tattoos getting the same image on their body. If you and your soul mate are thinking of a nice couple tattoo designs then get just this one.


When it comes to the location for a heartbeat tattoo the ideas are limited. Since these tattoos are mainly associated with love and life it’s better to get them on wrists, chests and forearms. It can look beautiful on ribs and under the chest as well. If you want to show off your tattoo you can get it on your wrist or forearm.


But if you need to have it in a secret part you may wear it on your rib. The sizes for these tattoos mostly depend on the place you choose to get them on. However they usually vary between small to medium sizes. Now have a look at these fastidious heartbeat tattoo designs and get inspired.