7+ Stylish Cross Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

The designs used in tattoo art vary from the funniest to the most serious. There are ideas both for men and women and every design is unique in its style. You can see tribal tattoo designs, Celtic tattoos, design with natural elements and religious tattoo designs. Among these religious tattoos one of the most popular objects are crosses. Cross tattoos are depicted in various designs…


In this article we’ll represent not only Christian cross tattoos but also pre-Christian, tribal, Celtic, Holy, Greek and Gothic cross tattoos. These are cross designs from different cultures each representing special meanings. If you are going to get a cross tattoo you should be familiar with its style and with the culture it belongs to. Cross is also a great idea for a tattoo as it looks cool on bodies and speaks about your way of thinking and about your religious views. They stand for your faith and beliefs and represent your individuality. As for the body pars where you can get these tattoos we can say that there are not among the ones that can be worn on nay body area you want. They require respect and carefulness and before getting a cross tattoo you should think of the most appropriate body part of it. It is approved to wear a cross tattoo on chest, back, hand, forearm, rib and neck. These body parts allow you to get both large and small tattoos and according to your preferences you can get any design on your skin. The dominant colors for these tattoos are black, brown and reddish brown..


Stories tell that cross is a much older symbol than it is known. It goes back to ancient times and was one of the symbols of the pagan religions. The vertical bar of the cross symbolized the male phallus and the horizontal bar represented female vagina. In Egyptian culture it stood for the union of Osiris and Isis. It was also related to the moon deity in ancient Babylonian culture. These tattoos are worn by people following the pagan religions and are considered as old tattoo designs.


Perhaps one of the most used tattoo designs among Christians is cross tattoos. They are worn to represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ which in its turn symbolizes victory. In several Christian cross designs you can see crown of thorns, rosary and other elements which also represent the crucifixion of Christ. Though this is the symbol of Christianity but it doesn’t mean that people of other religions can’t wear cross tattoos. The designs of Christian cross tattoos are quite appealing and fascinating for many people all over the world.


The holy cross tattoos represent hope, faith and belief. These tattoos can be combined with quotes from the Bible or relating to life which make the design more fascinating and impressive.


In Greek culture cross represents religion and in tattoo art it can be depicted in simple forma and in more complicated designs. You can add some religious elements to complete your designs and to give it more meaningful look. Additional details can make the simple designs more attractive and interesting.


These are one of the most popular choices for cross tattoos. You can see a lot of designs for Celtic and Irish cross tattoos which differ from the rest of crosses with their complicated and very detailed designs. You can see Celtic knot tattoos along with knotted crosses which are very eye-catching and beautiful. These tattoos require more tattooing skills as the designs themselves look very delightful.


Gothic cross tattoos look like Celtic cross tattoos and usually include elaborate patterns. The difference between these and Celtic tattoos is that they generally bring out bolder and darker hues and are combined with skeletons, skulls and bats.


Tribal cross tattoos are mainly done in bold black color and are very attractive. The designs of these tattoos usually have bold curves and borders which make them flashier. These tattoos can provide you with simpler designs which can be worn both by men and women.