12 Symbolic Japanese Tattoo Ideas for 2024

Due to their fascinating and astounding nature today Japanese tattoos for 2024 are widely spread all over the world. The thing is about handmade body art which wins all the machines which create modern tattoo designs. Actually Japanese tattoos have deep spiritual meninges and rich history. They are worn by men as well as by women. Here we’ll speak about cool Japanese tattoo designs which may inspire you for your next tattoo.


Japanese tattoos are quite detailed and complicated tattoos. They usually require more canvas to be depicted on. These tattoos can cover your entire back, chest, arm, leg or your whole body. This is one of the reasons they grab so much attention.


Japanese Tattoo Meanings and Designs

Taking into account the fact that themes for Japanese tattoos are various and you can see several images in on design these tattoos can symbolize many things generally associated with the rich Japanese culture and history. You can get the dragon, Koi fish, cherry blossom, or Kanji designs. These re tattoo ideas that you won’t see in western body art and if it happens you met one it’s the influence of the Japanese tattoo art for sure. These tattoos are often depicted with shadows and different colors which make them more powerful.

#3 Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Unlike western legends and cultures dragon is a positive and kind creature which helps and supports people. They always appear in hard and difficult situations when a man struggles against powerful enemies. Dragon is always there to protect men. People that appreciate the kind nature of these supernatural creatures sometimes go for dragon tattoos. They can be in black, red and yellow hues usually combined with fire.

#4 Japanese Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish is another significant creature in Japan. It’s colorful and very brave character. Combined with nature, Koi fish tattoo design looks very nice on bodies. It has jewel-like colors which make it more eye-catching and delightful. If you want a design that has a deep meaning and is very beautiful at the same time then Koi fish a great idea for you.

#5 Kanji Tattoos

Kanji is the lettering for writing used in japan. They are very lovely and exquisite tattoo designs that can be combined with flowers and leaves which can enhance the mysticism of your tattoo. You can get it across your forearm, back or leg in a vertical or horizontal position.

#6 Japanese Wave Tattoos

Wave tattoos represent not only the power of nature and the ability of Japanese people struggling against waves which tend to destroy their surround, but also show your strength and ability of surviving no matter what.  These tattoos look very complicated and charming. Of course the dominant color for them is blue.


Here you can see different Japanese tattoos and if you haven’t seen such before then you’ll probably find inspiration for you right here. Choose a tattoo taking into account the hues, meanings and the sizes of the designs. Though they are basically colorful but If you like you can go for black and brown colored designs as well.