18 Awesome Hand Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2023

Getting a tattoo on a hand is one of the most popular ideas in tattoo art. Hand tattoos for 2023 are very visible and flashy and they grab quite much attention. However these tattoos are the ones that fade quicker than the tattoos on other body areas. Since hands provide little space for tattoos you can get only small tattoos and in order to wear a clear tattoo you should pick an appropriate design.


Hand tattoos are little fascinating pieces on your skin that are very attractive for those who have a kind of weakness for tattoos. Today the designs created for hand tattoos are more developed and any skillful tattoo artist can provide you with a fabulous design.


Of course you can always get the design which is a result of your own imagination and which represents your personality. Here are have collected the most original and interesting had tattoos which may inspire you.


If you want to get a hand tattoo you should consider several very essential things before going for that. First of all these tattoos cannot be hidden and everyone around you will surely question you about your tattoo. Then, you should know that they fade quickly losing their primary look.


Third, you should choose a captivating and beautiful design not to be sorry for your choice in the future. And forth, if you wear a tattoo on your hand after several years when your skin may become wrinkled your design may not look so good. These were some disadvantages of hand tattoos. Now, let’s discuss their advantages. So, the design for hand tattoos are millions and each chooses the design which most appeals to him/her.


This allows you to get an incredible and unique tattoo. The design you wear can speak about your beliefs, way of thinking and interests. Whatever you choose try to make your hand look nicer. There are various hand tattoo ideas both for men and women. Men usually choose more masculine designs which enhance their masculinity while women prefer subtler designs to highlights their femininity.


What concerns colors for hand tattoos I can say that they are not limited and every individual goes for hues that meet his/her taste. You can get a neutral black or brown tattoo or you can ask your tattoo artist use colorful inks.


This mostly depends on the design you choose for your tattoo. You can get a too small tattoo design on your finger or other location of your hand or you can wear design covering your entire hand or even hands.


Those that prefer impressive and eye-grabbing tattoos may like the idea of getting a 3D tattoo. If you wish to get a tattoo on your hand but would also like to hide it you can go for UV ink or white tattoos. Both are less visible, modern and more fascinating.