20+ Sternum & Underboob Tattoo Ideas and Designs

The quality of clothes can be estimated by many factors. Everything is important: fashion, design, tailoring, color and of course fabric. The fabric determines the way clothing fits, looks and whether it is safe or not for the wearer. Natural fabrics have lots of advantages comparing to synthetic materials. This makes them so popular with customers.

Everyone knows that fabric can bring much harm. For example, synthetic fabrics that are dyed with chemical stuff are contra-indicated to people who suffer allergies, skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis. Material of poor quality can cause dermatitis even in a person who is healthy.

Not only dyes can be dangerous, there are many other substances that are used when synthetic fabric is produced. Such substances can cause irritation, reddening, itching and even asthmatic fit. Of course, not all synthetic materials cause this effect. But still wearers often don’t like the way the fabric feels and accumulates static electricity.

To make sure you’ll feel comfortable wearing a piece of clothing check the ingredients of the material on the label. They should be natural, smell good and cause no discomfort when being worn. Besides, the fabric shouldn’t lose color while washed.

Garments made of natural silk are valued high. Silk is beautiful and durable. It can be worn by anyone, even those who have sensitive skin. It is washed and ironed easily. The only disadvantage of this material is that it isn’t very pleasant to wear in hot weather.

Clothes from flax have been popular for a long time. Lots of good clothing is smade of it including shirts, dresses, trousers, summer frocks and blouses. Flax rumples fast but it is good for washing. Besides, it allows skin to breathe. However, flax can seem too rough for those who have too sensitive skin.