12 Heartwarming Family Tattoo Ideas That Show Your Love

Watercolor tattoos are the latest inspiration that can be rocked by anyone who appreciates body art and art in general. These are the most artistic and the most exquisite tattoos 2023 that are meant to decorate the body in the best way. There are many ways to depicted or to paint watercolor tattoos on the body. The designs are also various and in this article we’ll refer to watercolor flower tattoos.


Watercolor flower tattoos are becoming mainstream tattoos among the rest of the tattoo designs. They look very spiffy especially on female body. They are created in the brightest and the subtlest hues that cannot be unnoticeable. Pink, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and all pastel hues including mint, lavender, sky-blue and mermaid can be seen in watercolor flower tattoos. They are very tender and breathtaking. Sometimes they inspire even men who prefer to get them on arms and forearms.


The body parts where you can get a watercolor tattoo are various. According to your preferences you can choose either a large or a small watercolor flower tattoo. The larger ones are usually tattooed on back, sleeve, rib, chest and arm and the small ones can be worn on wrists, ankles and forearm. You may wear a simple or a complicated design.


The splash of colors on the leg or on the arm can look more beautiful if it’s combined with flower images. The modern approach towards sleeve tattoos is touchable in watercolor body art. Today many men and women loving sleeve tattoos opt for watercolor designs. You can even add some geometrical shapes to your tattoo which will make an artistic abstract image on your skin.


Having a watercolor tattoo on your shoulder you’ll be much complicated than you can imagine. This body part is more beautiful and fascinating when it’s tattooed. However if you take into account the fact that tattoos are forever you may get a small flower design on your shoulder. You may get either a single image of a flower or a bunch of different meaningful flowers. Sometimes dandelions are also seen as watercolor tattoos and shoulder is a nice body part to get a tattoo on.


Those following the traditional tattooing may like only the use of black and white inks. These are classic and neutral colored tattoos which look modern in watercolor effect. The chosen flowers can hold symbolic meanings and if you really want something like that can pick a lotus, rose, sunflower or a daffodil tattoo design.