Top 10 Mind-Blowing Clock Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Time is precious and we have created clocks not only to know the time of the day but also to appreciate it. Besides showing the time clocks are also great decorations for our houses, offices and why not, for our wrists. There are different kinds of clocks and according to this people created different clock tattoos. You can see pocket clock tattoos, watches, hourglasses and alarm clocks.


These tattoos contain elements associated with time. You can see clock tattoos combined with skulls, birds, the names of the people you love and so on. The designs for clock tattoos are various. They remind you about the shortness of the life, about the value of the time and about the essential things you should do still you are alive.


You can wear a bold black clock tattoo or choose a “cheerful” colorful design. According to the body part you choose for these tattoos your design may be large or small. Those that have some ideas about time can express them on their tattoo. For example, you can combine it with a quote concerning the time and life. It will be very fascinating and meaningful.


Hourglasses are old tattoos that have been used for centuries. The way they indicate the time is quite inspiring. The running glass that has a calm fall had been a stressful mystic for many people. It beautifully represents time and peters the way that it seems as if the time has stopped forever. Today many people wear this kind of tattoos on their back, chest and forearm. They are usually done in black or brown inks.


Watch tattoos are worn on wrists and they offer quite enough creative ideas for tattoos. One may get a watercolor watch tattoo or choose modern solution for his/her clock tattoo design. Here you can either add numbers or just leave them in a messy form. The latter looks very astounding.


For a more influential and cooler design people choose 3D clock tattoos. You can get a large clock tattoo on your chest, arm or back. If you like you can go for bio-mechanical tattoos including clock designs.


The tendency of wearing this kind of tattoos increases because they look charming as well as mysterious. The meaning of these tattoos is freedom. You show that you don’t care about the time as you are free forever.