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This collection embodies a completely innovative type of fashion that is all about simple things that have been elaborated into something really unusual and crazy. Modern Balenciaga is quite like that – nothing conservative and everything modern!

When creating the range Nicolas Ghesquière was inspired by things that are far from the fashion world. These include: cosmonauts and seventies Formica, packaging and food boxes, synthetic foam and plywood, sleeping bags and biscuits.

Tattoos on back

Clothing that we have in the result obviously doesn’t remind us about anything that was designed before. On the one hand, it is fantastic because experiments tend to bring new reality and maybe soon we’ll see absolutely different fashion fom what we have now. But on the other hand, novelty is terrifying and we often don’t know how to deal with it.

Tattoos on Thigh

The range looks very pretty and feminine and includes floaty airy dresses with frills and lacy details. Lots of fur was used to add glamour and chic. The shoes were stylish and unusual – blush-colored patent-leather kitten heels trimmed in metal studs. Handbags were diverse and classy.

Tattoos on Stomach

Headpieces looked exrtaordinary and would hardly be good for real life but they looked really overwhelming. Weird turbans and huge ushanka-hats, vibrant kerchiefs and simple items with pompoms – all looked fantastic!

Tattoos on Collarbone

The collection as a whole looked good and some of the outfits would look great even in the office. Shoes were perfect and featured extremely high heels and platforms.

Tattoos on Shoulder

It’s not easy for her to read or hear about this. And she must be feeling really upset. Sorry for you, poor girl.