16 Multicolored Japanese Tattoos By Pinachi

Resolutions are hard to keep up because they often involve eliminating things from our life: Alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate etc. So, how about setting some resolutions that you will actually want to keep because they take little effort and their benefits are quickly visible, without leaving you with miserable cravings.

Here are our suggestions and many people may do a lot of these things already, quite easily, but others not so much. Personally we struggle with not washing our tattoo every day, it is officially an addiction

Our nemesis: wash tattoo every other day. By doing this you will reduce the amount of drying, straightening, product use and amount of shampoo and conditioner you consume and also save yourself money.

Assign one day a week to deep conditioning, keep this up no matter how busy you are. We find Sundays are a great pamper day; you can condition your tattoo and leave it on whilst you trim your nails or pluck your eyebrows.

Regular trims; something else we often let slip especially as we want our tattoo to just grow grow grow. Regular trims will keep tattoo looking much healthier and is therefore key to looking your best. Invest in good tattoo products; your body deserves the best, so visit elitelooks.com for products designed to style your hair perfectly.


Look after your straightener, don’t forget your tools need looking after too, so keep your ghd plates clean and handle with car and try not to launch them across the room if you’re running out the door mid curl. Love your body! Too many of us obsess with how we look and are jealous of how others appear. Make 2023 the year to learn to love yourself and be your hair curly or straight, blonde or red, be nice to it and it might be nicer to you!