14 Unique Star Tattoos with Meaning and Ideas for 2024

Like many other marine creatures starfish or the star of the sea is a lovely star shaped animal is a mainstream tattoo particularly for sailors. They attract many people due to their beautiful shape, colors and size. Star tattoo designs look very spiffy and cute on bodies. Their small size allows them to be one of the coolest ideas among the rest of small tattoos…

Star has some interesting meanings which make it a more sophisticated tattoo idea. So, starfish has been a symbolic marine animal in different cultures. Its main symbolism was salvation. In ancient Egypt it symbolized regeneration. They also represent strength, power and the ability of surviving in the middle of the sea storms. A star tattoo can stand for other meanings as well such as divine love, protection, guidance and intuition.

There are tribal star tattoos which come from ancient times and look very stunning. People often wear starfish tattoos as body embellishments and they find it a very beautiful tattoo. They are sometimes even taken as star tattoos and can hold some meanings associated with stars. There are cartoon, watercolor, vivid colored, black and other star tattoos.

The combinations that work well with these tattoos are waves, sea stones, seaweeds, water drops, anchors, shells, pearls, sometimes flowers and so on. You can get a star tattoo in any size you like but if you choose a small design you’d better leave it as a single design.

Small starfish tattoos can be located on feet, ankle, hand, wrist, stomach, lower back, neck and behind the ear. For medium sizes you may choose your forearm or leg and for larger sizes go for a chest, back and or arm tattoo. Before getting a star tattoo take a time to do some research for as many designs as possible as tattoo art is evolving day by day and tattoo artists create new designs for any theme.

As for this kind of simple tattoos the ideas are much more and you should find the best design that meets your preferences as well as looks stylish on your body. If you like you can use the 3D effect for your starfish tattoo for a more realistic result. This will make the design look both modern and impressive. Here are some great examples of star tattoos among which you may choose the most alluring design for you. If you are going to get a colored tattoo then try to choose suitable colors for the chosen design.