14 Awesome Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs for Women in 2024

Bohemian style has recently knocked our doors of fashion, hairstyles, jewelry and today also body art. If tattoo art is a way of embellishing your body then bohemian tattoo ideas will appeal to you. What they represent and what possible designs there exist you’ll learn just here. These are wild and very tender tattoos that will inspire the majority of women…

Bohemian tattoos have the perfect designs that represent the free, wild and desired life each woman looks for. However there are some cool ideas for men as well. It’s all about mystery, artistic, freedom, wildness, vibrancy, tenderness, beauty and free-spirit. The most fascinating thing about this style is the gypsy soul. A bohemian always find ways to grow individually and to have personal life. They find happiness in many things and like to enjoy the life in their own way. This is a concept to be felt and not to be described that’s why the best way to express the bohemian mysterious lifestyle is wearing a tattoo design belonging to this inspiring style. If you feel you have a bohemian heart then discover the meaningful bohemian tattoos for you.

The popular tattoo designs for a bohemian tattoo are so delightful and alluring that each girl may fall in love with some of them. These are doves, dreamcatchers, wanderlust, henna, angel wings, and quotes and so on. Flying doves represent freedom and speak about your emotional state. They are the most exquisite tattoos that bring peace, calmness and hope with them. Sometimes you can see a flock of birds combined with the word believe in bohemian tattoo designs. You can get them on your forearm, back, shoulder or rib.

Dreamcatchers, as you know, come from the rich Native American culture and represent unity and protection. It is believed that they catch the dreams and provide you only with good dreams and they keep evil spirits away from you. These are great tattoo ideas bit for men and women and they look very spiffy in any size and on any body part. Wanderlust is the longing of traveling that is hidden inside our souls. Some prefer to express their desire in a way of getting a tattoo with this word. This word can be worn as a single design on foot, forearm, wrist or thigh. Other ideas for a hot bohemian tattoo are quotes that hold symbolic meanings associated with freedom, happiness, wild life and mystery.

Henna tattoos make the most popular category for bohemian tattoos. They give you more opportunities of getting a stunning tattoo on your body which also temporary. So, if you want to discover this style for you, then have a look at the represented collection of pictures where the best bohemian tattoos are shown. Choose the design closer to your heart, souls, way of thinking and feelings. Try to make your tattoo unique by the design you pick for it. Pay attention to the colors, shape, size and style of your tattoo before you’ll get one. Then find a professional tattoo artist to be provided with the desired effect.