20 Dizzying Full Body Tattoo design for Women

Tattoos Fashion is more focused on women in 2024. That’s an undeniable fact. It explains why girls are treated and paid better than men. But men are usually too proud to complain. However, there is one who’s taken the plunge and openly told about his indignation about the situation. David Gandy, who is very famous in the industry now, said he wasn’t satisfied with the fashion hierarchy.

20 Beautiful Leg Tattoo Ideas for Women You’ll Want to Copy

Vivier’s tattoos are loved by celebrities and there is no wonder why it happens. These designs of  are just fabulous. Beautiful design, great materials and perfect fit, what else do we need? The 2023 ideas by Vivier looks interesting. It includes not only colors in classic style which women usually opt for red carpet events.

12 Exquisite Ornamental Tattoos By Adriana Sak

I had a hard time figuring out whether I liked the Chanel Fall 2024 collection or not. See, it’s neither and both. The tweed-filled collection is full of surprises as well as extremes. There is a number of gorgeous little black dresses as well as strange assymetrical coats and embroidered bohemian jeans that somehow found their way into the collection. The accessories and footwear also add drama to the outfits. They include the bright short fur hats, thigh-high leather boots decorated with chains, and hard case LEGO-like Chanel handbags.

Powerful Female Tattoo Designs and Breathtaking Ideas

Wondering what do Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have in common besides being recognized style icons and worldwide known celebrities? All three of them like to wear jumpsuits and rompers both for red carpet events and in everyday life.

Kaia Gerber’s tiny, minimalist tattoos will inspire you to get inked in 2024

One of the hottest women in the world, Kaia Gerber, showed her fantastic body over the weekend in Hawaii. Megan and her husband of six months Brian Austin Green and his son Kassius, 8, arrived in Hawaii late last week to spend the holidays in the Hawaiian sun. Christmas 2024 bikini season is officially open!

32 Cute Behind the Ear Tattoos you won’t find anywhere

One of the best skin care remedy is no doubt natural one i.e. with no usage of chemical agents. But unfortunately nowadays almost all cosmetics giants feel it their duty to add more and more chemicals in the beauty aids! But you know there are lots of natural remedies that can help to keep youth and elasticity of your skin and another advantage is that most of them are very easy to DIY at home. And today I’d like to share with you how one can use natural oils as one of the most essential and easy-to-do homemade skin care remedies.

16 Brilliant Tattoo Fonts For Your New Tattoo in 2024

Agyness Deyn is truly a beautiful model. She has her own signature style and her hairdos and haircuts are kinky and unforgettable. Agyness Deyn seems to be fond of short hair since she’s shaved her head when she was 17 and has had short hair since 17 years old. Having an interesting appearance short hair opens up Deyn’s face and adds a lot to her style. Let’s take a look at Agyness Deyn’s best looks.

27 Stunning and Unique Butterfly Tattoos for 2024

Donna Karan’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection is truly something. Clean lines, architectural shapes, and intricate details makes this a very aesthetically-pleasing collection. Pencil skirt is the star of the line. It comes with the cape-like jackets, futuristic and kimono-style blazers. The streamline midi dresses can also be seen in the collection paired with short oxblood leather jackets.

14 Fierce Dragon Tattoo Designs for Women by Varvara Romanchuk

Christmas is a great holiday which can be celebrated at home with traditional food and in a traditional tracksuit or at a party with cheerful friends and in a lovely outfit you should think about beforehand. If you want to impress people with your look but can’t afford something chic and expensive you definitely need our tips on How To Dress For a Christmas Party On a Budget!

15+ Sternum & Underboob Tattoo Ideas and Designs

The quality of clothes can be estimated by many factors! Everything is important: fashion, design, tailoring, color and of course fabric. The fabric determines the way clothing fits, looks and whether it is safe or not for the wearer. Natural fabrics have lots of advantages comparing to synthetic materials. This makes them so popular with customers.