21 Travel Tattoo Ideas That’ll Give You Wanderlust

Traveling is one of the most pleasures adventures each human being should do at least once in his/her life. It can change your mood, psychological state and the way of thinking. Many travelers that don’t imagine their life without journeys and they consider themselves globetrotters usually go for travel inspired tattoos. These tattoos are modern ways of showing your love towards traveling and nature.


Here we are going to introduce new tattoos ideas which are associated with nature and journeys. If you love traveling then keep on reading to discover the most amazing ideas for travel tattoos for 2023.


There are so many astounding ideas for travel tattoos that you are given a wide opportunity of choosing a design according to your interests. Your imagination can help you create unrepeatable tattoo which will look spiffy and stylish at the same time. So, the most common ideas for travel tattoos are compasses, maps, globes, airplanes, stamps, trees, ships, air balloons, space ships, images of cities and so on. Depending on the design you choose you may get either a large or a small design. If you like large design you are supposed to provide much canvas for it. For example, you can wear a big tattoo on your back, chest, and arm or go for a sleeve tattoo which will cover either your entire leg or arm. For smaller designs you may pick your wrist, hand, forearm, neck, shoulder or feet. The colors also depend on the chosen theme. If you like you can go for neutral colored tattoos or for colorful ones. The most beautiful colorful tattoos are watercolor tattoos.


Map tattoos are great for those that love to explore the world and the places people live in. there are simple designs as well as complicated images for map tattoos. For smaller tattoos you can take simple images and for larger ones it’s preferable to go for more detailed designs. Here are some examples.


We have already devoted a special article to compass tattoos. Taking into consideration their meanings one may like to get a compass tattoo on his/her wrist or forearm. They symbolize right direction and safe journey. If you like you can combine it with the letter N representing the north or with the nautical star.


Perhaps the most fashionable and required travel tattoo designs are airplane tattoos, which have different designs. You can get either a large real-looking airplane tattoo or a paper airplane tattoo image on your body in nay size you like. They are widely spread among young boys and girls who seek for freedom and love flight. Actually these tattoos are modern ways of bird tattoos and they have almost the same meanings as bird tattoos.


Sleeve tattoos are one of the most eye-catching and large tattoos. They are depicted on legs and arm and usually contain detailed elements. You can combine several things in one sleeve tattoo choosing hues that go work with each other. Here you may combine maps, globes, clocks, compasses, telescopes and airplanes in one tattoo. The background of your tattoo can be filled with clouds which will make the design complete and more striking.


Another great idea for travel tattoos are city tattoo designs. Generally people wear the design of their favorite city which shows their love towards the place they live or the city they have visited. As a unique tattoo a city tattoo can be a wise choice. You may get the image of your own city adding several elements that represent the places you love most in your city.