15+ Flames Tattoos With Smoking Hot Meanings

As tattoo designs fire and flame are quite impressive and eye-catching. Besides looking powerful they also hold several interesting meanings which we’ll discuss below. These tattoos are generally chosen by men and few women go for fire tattoos. There are various designs for fire and flame tattoos which are sometimes combined with symbolic elements. In this article you’ll learn not only the meanings of fire tattoos but will also see some hot images.


The shown examples may inspire you for your next tattoo and if you are thinking of a powerful and influential tattoo design then you can make your choice right here.


So, what do fire and flame tattoos represent? We all know the great significance of fire in our lives. It’s something without which a human being can’t imagine his life. During the Stone Age when people discovered fire they kept it with them forever. It was believed that fire is another creature that has the ability of devour everything that was met in it’s way. Actually people were afraid of fire and even worshiped it not to be harmed by it. On the other hand it was their best protector in many situations.


Once men discovered the right way of using the fire the advantages of it were more touchable. It could protect them from wild animals, it could give them light in the darkness, it could warm up their cool bodies, and it could give them the great opportunity of cooking. Later on it was used in religious ceremonies and rites.


Various myths and legends from many cultures give a huge importance to fire and worship it. It is also associated with the sun and people worshiping the sun worship the fire and flame as well. Since fire is one of the most essential elements in our planet after the land, air and water it represents life too.


Fire and flame tattoos are mainly depicted in yellow, red and blue inks. They can be combined with the legendary phoenix bird which has the ability of rising from the ashes. Other examples show that fire looks astounding along with crosses, skulls, powerful symbols, stars, sun, shapes of hearts, snakes, and dragons and so on. You can get your fire and flame tattoo on your forearms, back, chest, legs or wherever you want. They are very flashy depicted as sleeve tattoos. Now, have a look at the following images and find your favorite design.