14 Best Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs To Express Yourself in 2023

Flowers are symbols of beauty and delicacy. They are usually associated with the most beautiful and charming things in the world. Each flower has a kind of tenderness that allures us and makes us think of the magnificent power it has. They inspire us and many people go for flower tattoos in 2023. One of them is lotus flower tattoos designs which are very spiffy.


Besides looking so beautiful lotus tattoos also have interesting meanings coming from different cultures. The spiritual symbolization lotus has is very significant especially in Buddhism. The ability of lotuses to grow purely in muddy waters is so astonishing and miraculous that people associate it with rebirth, reincarnation, purification, enlightenment and faith. And this is what Buddhism represents itself. The colors of lotuses also play great role in this religion, that’s why you can see lotus tattoos in different colors.


White lotus symbolizes purity. It stands for intellectual perfection and purity. People who find some similar features between them and the meanings of white lotus flower sometimes go for these tattoos. If you like white tattoos then you can choose white ink for your tattoo designs. But be careful before getting a white tattoo because they tend do fade quickly and it’s better to choose a body part that is hidden form the rays of the sun or too much contact with water.


Since red color represent love and passion flowers having this bright hue also represent the same. You can get a pretty red lotus tattoo on your shoulder or nape and it will look very beautiful.


Blue is the color of intellect and enlightenment. Blue lotus tattoo designs are very peaceful and calm and they look quite exquisite on bodies.


These tattoos are very feminine and subtle. They are basically chosen by women who want to enhance their beauty and represent their femininity.


Purple lotus tattoos generally symbolize mysticism. You can combine it with different vivid colors like deep blue or yellow.


Since lotus grows on the surface of water you can get a design along with water. It will look more impressive and eye-catching. Actually this flowers struggles against the mud surrounding it.  This symbolizes spiritual rebirth and the desire of being pure. You can get a lotus tattoo on a large body part having a scene of water background. If you like you can add several other small lotus flowers around your main design. Blue-colored waves will look very harmonious with your flower design.


In Chinese culture lotus flower represents love and trust between people. So, if you have a lover getting a couple lotus tattoos on your bodies can be a great idea. You can choose the same image and get it on the same body part.  You can get it on hands or feet and it will show your love and trust towards each other.