13 Creative Crown Tattoo Ideas for Women

If you sometimes feel as if you are a king or a queen then the idea of getting a crown tattoo may appeal to you. The crown symbolizes power, authority and leadership. Crowns have been the emblems of rulers, kings and queens. The most precious natural stones were always collected on crowns. They had not only a amazing look but also had a kind of power in them.


As for crown tattoos you may see such astounding designs that bring out the real image of a crown. There are both simple and complicated crown tattoo designs. The sizes of these tattoos are usually small and can be depicted on various body parts. This is a way of embellishing body and showing your personality. In many cases crown tattoos are inked as single designs but you can combine them with other details as well.


For example you can combine them with animal images, flowers, diamonds, jewelry, skulls, and crosses and so on. Couples who love to get matching tattoos sometimes go for crown tattoos. They look very attractive and eye-catching. Each chooses a design according to his/her taste and preferences. You may like to wear a bold black crown tattoo or a shiny colorful design which will be flashier.


Since crowns are the symbols of royalty you can express your individuality and show off your desires by wearing a crown tattoo. There are cases when people add some quotes to these tattoos which clearly speak about the authority they have.


The placements for crown tattoos are limited since they differ from the design that can be worn on any part. The best locations are neck, upper back, back, shoulder, wrist, hand, forearm, arm and chest. So, if you want to pick a body part for your crown tattoo you’d better choose one of these body areas. It will look very influential and impressive. For couples that want to wear matching crown tattoos I can say that the most popular body parts where couples wear these tattoos are hands and wrists. These body areas allow you to show off your tattoo, so you can always impress your friends and relatives with your tattoos. Now, let’s see the most popular designs for crown tattoos.


Those that are fond of simplicity and find it more attractive I offer simple crown tattoos. They are usually inked in black or brown colors. Though your tattoo may not grab that much attention but the power it has will surely be touchable.


Flowers, jewelry and diamonds always make the best matching for crown tattoos. They are mainly in bright hues including blue, red, green, yellow and silver. However if you don’t like colorful tattoos but yet want to combine your design with flowers you can go for a black, brown and reddish brown combo. As these designs are a bit detailed and big you may wear them on chest or on arm as a sleeve tattoo.


Crown and skull combination is very common especially among men. These tattoos look very startling and are quite meaningful. They are worn particularly on arms and chest and can be considered as big tattoos because they cover large canvas.