20+ Amazing, Vibrant Watercolor Tattoos By Koray Karagözler

I make personal designs for all the tattoos asked from me. Some designs have a story, and some are designs that have been created entirely on aesthetic form!

People who wanted this design from me asked for a tattoo about their child, but they did not want a written tattoo or a portrait tattoo. They just said to me, “We want a design that is associated with what the meaning of Can brings to your mind, which is the name of our four-year-old son. We leave the design completely up to you. And hope Can have the same tattoo done by you as well when he grows up. 🙂 “

Upon these requests, I took into account the meaning of Can, which is “Life” in English, and included those objects that give life to the world. Those are Water and Sun.

I love to make conceptual and abstract designs. I used both abstract and conceptual art in this design as well. The inverted triangle represents “woman/mother” since prehistoric times. I used an inverted triangle here as we have this tattoo done for the mother. I used an abstract form of water inside the triangle and a half sun form at the top of the design. We will do the same tattoo with straight triangle form for the father, as the straight triangle represents the “man”. Thus, when the two tattoos are broght together, they will reveal the sun in the middle. “Life” of the solar system. At the same time, our “Life”