17 Tattoo Designs for Women: Instagram Inspiration

Sometimes people who think about their first tattoo first of all consider small designs.. Since this is their first step into the body art they need to get the courage of wearing large tattoos and they start from the smallest ones..


In spite their littleness these small tattoo ideas look very cute and fetching. There are millions of ideas for small tattoos but some popular versions are collected below.


So, if you are planning to get your first tattoo these examples may help you to orientate and find the best idea for you. Here you can see many small tattoos in various themes and will surely get inspired by some of them. As getting or removing a tattoo is not a game you can play whenever you want and they are for your whole life it’s recommended to think carefully before going for any tattoo design.


First of all you should make sure you really need a tattoo, then consider the design you would like to have on your body, the location where you wish to have a tattoo. These are the main factors one should consider beforehand. Then you are supposed to find a skillful and professional tattoo artist who does his/her job perfectly. Try to do as much research as possible to discover the best designs and tattoo ideas for you.


As soon as you have found the design don’t hurry to get it on your skin. Think about its uniqueness and originality as well. The more creative your tattoo the more interesting it will look. Thus, you can always use your imagination to create an incredible and unique tattoo design.


Of course the following tattoos are the results of the human fantasy and if people are able to think of such miraculous tattoo ideas then you are expected to go for better and nicer options. But if you have no idea what tattoo you need, you may like the designs that are collected here.


The most popular ideas for small tattoos are hearts, stars, letters (of your name or of someone else’s name), punctuation marks, flowers, birds, arrows, Roman numbers, insects, bows, heartbeat line, rings, musical notes and alike.


All these designs can perfectly be reflected on fingers, wrists, hands, necks, ankles, feet and so on. If you want a “secret tattoo” which can be covered and hidden whenever you want you may get it on your rib, shoulder, thigh or back. Now, let’s see the most used small tattoo designs and you may pay attention to the body parts they are located on as well.