14 Cute Owl Tattoo Designs And Meanings in 2022

Birds are good and very meaningful ideas for tattoos. As for owls these creatures have always differed from the rest of birds with their lifestyle and attitude.

They are very popular in tattoo art and are chosen by both genders for different reasons. Owls are considered as mystic and very smart birds that have long life and interesting way of living. Both men and women wear owl tattoo designs on different body parts.



Owls have big prominent eyes and very innocent face expression which is usually associated with an intelligent nature. These factors sometimes inspire people and they go just for owl tattoos. They say that owls are lucky and wise birds and this also makes them a good idea for tattoos. There are many beautiful designs for owl tattoos each having a special attractiveness and coolness. Today I will represent the coolest owl tattoo designs among which you can make your choice. In case you also consider owls beautiful creatures you’ll surely find the best design for you. These are very astounding and inspiring tattoo designs which can look quite spiffy on the skin.


Owl Tattoo Meanings and Designs

The symbolic value that owls have comes from various cultures. They are generally associated with the qualities and the skills these birds have. One of them is their ability of seeing in the darkness. They are liked to wisdom and knowledge and seem to be filled with mysterious prudence. Compared to other tattoos owl tattoos look very unique and meaningful. They also have the ability of discovering the hidden abilities and potential.

Among Native American tribes owls were considered as protectors and their feathers were worn by people in order to be protected. They believed that they could keep evil spirits away from them. In ancient Greek culture it was the representative of the goddess Athena who was the goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

These tattoos are sometimes depicted with a key under the claws of the owls which symbolizes the act of unlocking new knowledge. The styles that are used to create owl tattoos are various. You can get a tribal, traditional, classic, hipster, modern, 3D or sleeve owl tattoo. From the smallest designs on the necks, wrists, hands, shoulder and even faces you can see quite large owl tattoos on backs, chests, arms, legs, thighs and forearm.

The colors chosen for owl tattoo are in brown, reddish brown, grey and black hues. However you may also meet them in bright red, orange or blue colors. The modern solutions offer watercolor owl tattoos which are very colorful. Since the owl has feathers you can get a very colorful owl tattoo choosing different shades for its feathers.