Tattoos for Women

14 Best Geisha Tattoo Designs You Have To See To Believe!

Japanese tattoo art has a rich and fascinating history that comes from old times. These tattoos are closely connected with the Japanese culture and the designs include elements of this rich culture.

11 Unique Tattoo Design Ideas for Women In 2022

People sometimes prefer to have small tattoos as a first tattoo. They gain more bravery after getting that cute one. Then they go for larger ones. In this article we will show you 11 Unique Tattoo Design Ideas for Women.

20 Best Rainbow Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

The possibilities of a rainbow tattoo design are endless as it is one of the most colorful and joyful tattoo designs in tattoo art.

15 Best Bow Tattoo Ideas That are Knot to be Missed

If you are a woman and you decided to have your first tattoo then getting a cool bow tattoo is a good idea. Bow tattoos recently became right-down. Here we are going to offer you 20 cute bow tattoo ideas for 2022.

10+ Seriously Stylish Rose Tattoo Designs That Are Anything But Trad

Rose Tattoo designs were always up-to-date and popular. They have many meanings and are full of mystics. This flower is the symbol of beauty, love and passion.

15 Awesome Takes on the Classic Compass Tattoo

Any traveler knows what an important equipment is a compass. When traveling one should always take a compass with him, as it will help him in several situations.