Tattoos for Women

11 Amazing Moon Tattoos with Meanings

If you feel that moon tattoo ideas are meant just special for you then you should go through this article. Here I have collected the best designs for the mysterious moon tattoos which will inspire you. The moon has always been in the center of attention of many painters, poets and human history. It was the subject of visual arts including body art and continues to be on the list of the most popular tattoo ideas ever.

19 Lovely and Beautiful Daffodil Tattoo Designs In 2022

The great relationship that women have with flowers is reflected in body art as well. Flowers are the best plants that can be associated with beauty, tenderness and delicacy. Since women are considered as beautiful creatures they are usually compared with flowers. In our articles we often refer to flower tattoos and this time the turn is for daffodil tattoo designs.

9 Beautiful Tattoo Ideas for Women & Girls in 2022

Getting a tattoo on a arm is one of the most popular ideas in tattoo art. arm tattoos are very visible and flashy and they grab quite much attention. However these tattoos are the ones that fade quicker than the tattoos on other body areas. Since arms provide little space for tattoos you can get only small tattoos and in order to wear a clear tattoo you should pick an appropriate design.

20+ Beautiful Female Feather Tattoo Design Ideas

The usage of feathers usually goes back to ancient times when Native American tribes used them as traditional and meaningful decorations on their bodies.

19 Amazing Infinity Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

The infinity symbol is the representation of eternity. It has the shape of the number 8 in lying position. It was first invented by John Wallis who was a mathematician of 17th century.

15+ Tattoo Designs for Women: Instagram Inspiration

Sometimes people who think about their first tattoo first of all consider small designs. Since this is their first step into the body art they need to get the courage of wearing large tattoos and they start from the smallest ones.

13 Beautiful Leg Tattoo Ideas for Women – Mom’s Got the Stuff

Sometimes people wish to get a tattoo but the facts that tattoos are permanent and forever don’t allow them to go for a tattoo. But there is a great solution which is used by many people.

15 Medical Tattoo Designs for Healthcare Professionals and Enthusiasts

In most cases people wear tattoos to show off their individuality, taste and way of thinking and while they are looking for astounding and creative ideas for their new tattoos some get tattoos to protect themselves and to save their lives literary. These tattoos are medical alert tattoos that speak about the disease of the wearer so that the watcher may help if it’s needed.

10 Stunning Minimalist Tattoo Ideas for Grown-Ups

Most people usually go for small tattoos as a first tattoo. After getting one small design on their bodies they get that courage of wearing larger tattoos too. Actually small designs look cuter and more delicate. There are millions of ideas for small tattoos and each goes for the one that is closer to his/her heart and means something special for him/her.

12 Best Music Tattoos for Everyone in 2022

“Music is life”, “music is my love”, “find your freedom in the music”, “words fail, music speaks”: all these are music inspired phrases that make people go for music quote tattoos.