17 Amazing Hip Tattoo Designs For Women!

Nature has always been a souse of inspiration for body art loves and for tattoo enthusiasts. It’s the most magnificent thing where you can find so many wonders and magical that surround you but you seldom notice them. Just looking at the behavior of the birds and animal one may think how wonderful our world is. Today’s article is devoted to the incredibly beautiful and cool bird tattoo designs.

Birds are the cutest creatures in nature. Only they have the ability to flue and this is the main reason why people consider them heavenly creatures. Sometimes it seems as if they are broken form the heaven and the heavens would be empty without their existence. They symbolize liberty, free fight, dreams, spiritual life and wisdom. They are very calm and peaceful and their lifestyle inspires many human beings. Every bird stands for a deep symbolic meaning and has a huge significance in different cultures.

Dove, for example, is very important bird in Christianity. It is the representative of the Holy Spirit and peace. Owl is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom and new life. Hummingbird is the national bird of Cambodia. It symbolizes speed and beauty. These are the most popular bird tattoos worn both by men and women. Other bird tattoos that come after these are swallows, parrots and sparrows. You can get any design of a bird tattoo you like on your body.

These cute designs are very popular especially among women. Men generally choose more powerful bird tattoos like eagles which represent strength, masculinity and power. They are very impressive and eye-catching tattoo ideas. Bird flocks tattoos make the next great choice for anyone who wants a spiffy, subtle and very delicate tattoo design. These tattoos are depicted on various parts of the body. Yu can get a small bird tattoo on your wrists, ankle, neck, shoulder and hand and a larger design on chest, back, stomach, arm and sleeve.

Each can combine his/her bird tattoo with a unique design. It can be a quote, flowers, leaves, branches, bird cages and hearts. As a representative of freedom any flying bird can be worn with the word freedom. As birds are very colorful creatures the tattoo designs created with their images also look vivid and alluring. They just captivate hearts. On the other hand some simple designs look more beautiful in black or white ink. Girl like to wear black flock of birds on their collar bones making this body part even more seductive.  There are couple bird tattoos special for lovers who which to get a matching tattoo on their body. These tattoos stand for love and eternal strong relationship between people who love each other. They are great especially when you wear in a creative way putting your own symbol in it.