15 Small Tattoo Ideas By “JOJO Chronic Ink”!

Leaving alone the creative mirror tattoos we are passing to vintage frame tattoo ideas! These look like mirror tattoos but the filled frame speaks about the fact that it’s a painting or a vintage frame. The coolest solutions for these tattoos are so unique and each has a personal touch in it. Every bearer chooses a meaningful design with an image full of symbolization.

These are vintage or retro inspired tattoodesigns that draw as mad. They are made very artistically and beautifully so that the watcher may gaze at them for a couple of minutes to get every detail of it. On the other hand they are subtle and delicate designs that make the body attractive. Both men and women go for these tattoos. They usually choose animal images for their frame and this is the modern way of getting a cute animal tattoo.

As animal tattoos have deep symbolic meanings you can choose the animal you like most or you find some similar features between you and the attitude of that animal. The colors are chosen carefully in order to bring out the touch of the vintage style in each detail. Women often combine their vintage frame design with flowers and they work perfectly and very harmoniously. If you like you can have the frame in neutral colors while the flowers in colorful hues. Other ideas for a vintage frame tattoo are painting, landscape, forest or any other inspired image. You cane even get the image of your hometown or the place with which you have great memories.

This will not only look pretty but will also often remind you of those sweet memories. They can be your childhood memories from your village or from the place where you was born. Those who are thinking of a portrait tattoo of their beloved person, parent or a star can get it in a vintage frame. This will look more sophisticated compared with the old portrait tattooing techniques. For a more mysterious design tattoo artists offer to add a quote, a poem or a short fascinating story connected with your life. This idea is great especially for those who have something to tell the world.

If you have decided to get a vintage frame tattoo but yet don’t know where, we will help you. So, the best body parts for a vintage frame tattoo are thighs, back, chest, shoulder, forearm, nape and arm. These body parts can provide you with much canvas to get a large vintage frame tattoo design but if you are fond of small tattoos you may choose a simpler design so that your tattoo can be clear and good-looking.