22 New Arrow Tattoo Designs For Both Women and Men!

Arrows are very simple yet awesome ideas for tattoos in 2024. They are becoming more and more popular among women. The simplicity and cuteness of these tattoos attract many young people and in most cases they choose them as first tattoos. It requires less money, time, pain and effort to be depicted on your body. Moreover arrow tattoo designs can be depicted in various sizes and on different body parts.


Besides looking alluring arrow tattoos also have deep symbolic meanings coming from old times. This is another advantage why people choose arrow tattoos. Before you go for this tattoo it’s better to learn it’s meanings and now we’ll share them with you.


Arrows had great significance in the Native American culture. It was used as a means of weapon and protection during hunting. Two crossed arrows symbolized friendship and if you see a two crossed arrow tattoo design you can choose it as a symbol of a strong relationship between friends. Since each design may mean something special but the main symbolization of an arrow is positivity considering the fact that in spite difficulties and hardships it moves straight forward to the point it was signed to.


So, it can represent your aims, struggle towards something in your life and your strong ability of overcoming hardships no matter what. All these meanings are quite inspiring to get an arrow tattoo or even a group of arrow tattoos which can symbolize the above mentioned meanings at the same time.


In astrology an arrow and a bow stand for the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Thus these tattoos can also be taken by people born under this zodiac sign. It is also known that arrows represent love as in Cupid’s case, which links hearts of two people forever just with the help of arrows. Other symbols of arrows are masculinity, power, strength, speed and direction.


As arrow tattoos have simple designs you are welcome to get them on various body parts depending on the size you choose. These tattoos are mainly in neutral colors and less are cases when you may see colorful arrow tattoos. For larger designs you are expected to get it on your back, chest, arm and leg, and for smaller designs you can choose your wrist, forearm, neck and shoulder.


You can go for a single image of an arrow or you can combine several arrows in different designs and shapes. Here you can see such pictures which will help you find the best design for your arrow tattoo. Popular designs are single arrows, two arrows, broken arrows and a bundle of arrows. This bundle usually consists of five arrows of differing designs.


You can combine your tattoo with hearts, feathers, dreamcatchers, flowers, diamonds, stars and quotes. By the way arrows perfectly go with quotes since their shape allows you get the quote across the arrow creating an incredible tattoo design. Other poplar combos are arrows and compasses and arrows with Nautical Star which represents direction as well.