15+ Meaningful Mom Tattoos That Celebrate Motherhood!

Nowadays people look for many creative ways to show their love towards their sister, brother, dad, mom, best friend and soul mate. It’s very popular to choose matching tattoos which are the best options for amusing and capturing the heart of the person you love. Today I am going to introduce you the best of best; top 17 matching tattoos. These tattoos are the most unique and astounding tattoos I have ever seen.


There is something quite exiting and inspiring in these tattoos. They speak louder than the words themselves. They show your passion, love and feeling just in a simple way. Though the ideas for matching tattoos are various but the designs collected here are ravishing and very cute. Now, let’s see what each of them represents.


When I was doing my research for matching tattoos I have discovered that lately the majority of couples go just for this very tattoo. The heartbeat or EKG line tattoo is perhaps the most inspiring and breathtaking tattoo. It shows the strong love of the couple who wants to represent that their heartbeat may stop if they are not together. That is they have one heart that beats only in case when they both exist. As you see it’s a simple yet very meaningful design for a tattoo. Usually they get it on wrists.


This is the most common and used matching tattoo for couples. It symbolizes the heart of a girl which is locked and the key of this heart belongs to a special boy. This speaks about the trust and confidence people feel towards each other. These tattoos are often inked in colorful hues and the dominant colors are black, red and silver. They can be worn on different body parts.


If you like to play the puzzle games I think you’ll like this tattoo. This is a cool way of showing a strong relationship and the fact that you complete each other perfectly. Having the pieces of the puzzle in a heart shape is more striking.


You are my king and I am your queen. This is what crown matching tattoos represent. Here you see simple images of crowns one for a male and the other for a female. It introduces the kingdom created by this couple and the royal lifestyle they opted for. It’s quite impressive.


If you have ever played this game you’ll surely know the principle it has. It is best reflected in this tattoo and this creative approach towards body art just amused us.


There are many love matching tattoos but this one is a unique and simple design that can be copied by most couples. I love him and I love her phrases depicted on wrists tell everything about this couple. Yes, their hearts have “decided” to love each other till the last heartbeat.


The symbol of infinity in matching tattoos is usually used to symbolize eternal love between two persons. It’s looks very beautiful and is great option for those who like simple tattoos.


Anchor tattoos are basically chosen by sailors. But the deep symbolization they hold inspire couples as well. It means stability, strength and balance. As you see in this picture these designs are created the way so that the watcher can differentiate between male and female tattoos. The bow on the anchor shows that the wearer is a female.


If you think that matching tattoos are only for couples then look at this image? Does it make sense? Yes, it does for sure. Sisters have another strong relationship that cannot be compared with the rest of relationships. This is something that connects both souls and hearts. It’s the best relationship any girl can have in her life. Having a sister and loving her so much means you have someone in your life who you can trust till the end of your life.


We have many friends with whom we have different relationships. But many of us have best friends who are precious and very important for us. When we try to imagine our life without that special individual we feel how meaningless the life would be for us. And for this special person we are ready to go for a tattoo. If you have decided to wear a matching tattoo with your best friend you’d better choose a design that best represents you and your friend.