14 Beautiful Female Feather Tattoo Design Ideas!

Feather tattoos are not just beautiful tattoos but they come from Native American tribes that gave special significance to feathers. They hold deep symbolism and represent the Native American heritage. As there are various feathers with different colors the options for feather tattoos expands giving us the opportunity of choosing a design that most appeals to us. If you have decided to wear a feather tattoo here we represent you pretty feather tattoos for women that can be depicted in various designs…


Native Americans were used to wear feathers as head dresses. They put them on their jewelry, weapons, and clothing as well as on their dreamctahers. Many of them used to decorate their events and ceremonies with big and awesome feathers. These feathers usually were associated with their spiritual life and represented their communication with spirituality.


In ancient times a feather also symbolized gods, wind and air. The mystical meanings these tribes put on feathers are quite interesting and inspire many people especially among women to go for a nice feather tattoo. The most common feathers that were used by Native American were of eagles. Other feathers include egret, peacock, and swallow, turkey and ostrich feathers.


As we have already mentioned feathers carry deep symbolic meanings. They symbolize lightness, speed, truth, flight, dreams, spirit, hope, bravery, promise, as well as journey of a soul, travel, magic, levitation, freedom and purity.


Most people choose these tattoos because of the symbolic meanings they hold and some wear them as a pretty body art. There are worn on different body areas depending on the preferences of the wearer. The sizes also depend on the interest of the wearer ant the bigger the size the more eye-catching it can be. These tattoos are generally colorful and very tender tattoos that can be depicted in 3D style bringing more realistic touch to the design. You can also see watercolor and white feather tattoos that look just wonderful. Some designs are combined with dreamcthaer designs which are very meaningful and nice at the same time. According to your taste you can choose either vivid or cool colors for your feather tattoo. The represented pictures will help you orientate and find the best feather tattoo for you. To make it unique you can combine it with different elements that go with the design, however these tattoos look awesome even as a single depicted design. There are cases when people get these tattoos along with birds, quotes, Native American symbols etc.