14 Best Lower Back Tattoo Ideas For Women!

There are several advantages of lower back tattoos that make it worth to spend some effort to get it on your body. The first advantage that it offers is the placement. This part allows tattoo artists to depict the design perfectly and to provide his/her client with the desired result. The second best thing about it is that these tattoos look very attractive and beautiful…


You can get a round shapes, horizontal or a wide tattoo design on your lower back. There are various ideas for lower back tattoos both for men and women. The risk of color fade in this case is minimalistic as this body part is usually hidden under clothes. You can show it off whenever you want and you can hide it when you need to. Many women often choose lower back tattoos as a means of body embellishment and adornment. They consider these tattoos seductive and delightful.


Lower Back Quote Tattoos

A hidden quote is always an appealing idea. Having it on the lower back will let you have a secret tattoo which is shown only in the case you show it off. As quotes usually require either a horizontal or a vertical location lower back is perfect for a horizontal quote tattoo. If you like It can be a Sanskrit tattoo.


On the other hand lower back tattoos also have some disadvantages. They are painful as they are closer to bones. Most cultures don’t accept this kind of body art as they consider them low in morality. But it’s popular body area as it provides the tattoo artists with a smooth canvas on which he/she can depict a flawless image. Anyway, before you go for a lower back tattoo make sure you have done your reassert to find out the best design for you. It can be a tribal, butterfly, floral, vine, stars or other traditional tattoo design as well as a modern idea.




Men may prefer to get a tribal styled tattoo on their lower back as these tattoos are bold, mysterious and more masculine. Though, women also find great solutions for a tribal lower back tattoo. These tattoos are generally done in black ink.



Flower and Butterfly Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Flowers are the best choice for ladies who want to enhance the beauty of their lower back. These tattoos are depicted in different forma and can include bright colors. You may choose s single flower tattoo or a group of flowers in a one design. The combination of butterflies can complete your design and will make it look more feminine.