11 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women in 2024!

Butterfly is a pretty creature that each lady loves. It is light, small and cute. Many women wear butterfly tattoos for different reasons. Some just like it’s designs and some put special meaning to their butterfly tattoo design. There are different types of butterfly tattoos starting from the most vivid colored ones to the gloomier ones. Though there is a wide variety of a butterfly tattoo designs they all look beautiful and stunning. In this article we’ll speak about the designs, meaning and symbolization of butterfly tattoos and we’ll offer 10 Superb Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Women.


Meanings and Designs of Butterfly Tattoos: Generally, a butterfly represents beauty, peace, love and flight in many cultures. It is the symbol of new changes, transformation, birth, new life and anything connected with new. There is also an obvious tendency among graduates to wear a butterfly tattoo after finishing their education. Moreover, the Lupus Society has taken a purple butterfly image as their logo and people who suffer because of Lupus often get a purple butterfly tattoo to show their struggle.



These tattoos also symbolize a human soul. It is believed that when you see a butterfly it is the soul of your loved person. In many cultures this belief concerns only white butterflies. Others believe that it represents only souls of children who are innocent creatures. When seeing a flying butterfly we fill with positive feelings and we know that they appear with the sun and with the good weather. This fact makes us smile and gaze at their light flight.



There is a beautiful belief among Japanese people who always leave the windows of their guesthouses open, so that butterflies could enter. They believe that a butterfly will bring with it the most loved person in the world. Another pretty idea is to leave the bedroom window open when a spouse is away or a child is away from home and an entering butterfly will bring safety with it.So, in the same way many women wear butterfly tattoos to symbolize the soul of the person they love. They also get it to bring a kind of peace, love or beauty to their hearts.




The ability of butterflies to be transformed is also quite inspiring. We all change during our lives and those changes differ from each other. Butterflies get more beautiful and marvelous after changing transformation. This contains many symbolic meanings that make many people get a butterfly tattoo. They look very tender and ladylike.


If you desire to get a butterfly tattoo you should take into consideration it’s size and design. There are many colorful butterfly tattoo designs as well as one neutral colored ones. You can choose either bright hues for your tattoo or just one color that you like most. You can have more than one butterfly tattoo in small sizes and you can get a large eye-catching one. The preferable body areas for butterfly tattoos are: backs, necks, legs, arms, wrists, shoulders, feet and any other body part. You can get it in smaller and larger sizes. Nowadays there is also a great chance to get a butterfly tattoo design in 3D style. Sometimes people add different elements to their butterfly tattoo design such s hearts, names of their loves persons, love quotes, flowers, glossies and anything that looks nice with it. So, have a look at these 40 Superb Butterfly Tattoo Designs 2023 for Women and choose the one you like most.