20 Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoo Ideas For Women 2024!

Butterflies are very subtle and pretty creatures that capture every woman and girl… They are so inspiring that most women choose butterfly just for their first tattoo. There are 22 types of butterflies according which tattoo artists create incredible butterfly tattoos for women. Besides being so spiffy they also contain special meanings which are quite interesting and alluring. Today we’ll speak about stunning butterfly tattoos and will show some astounding pictures.


Butterfly tattoos are generally worn by women. They are considered as one of the most exquisite tattoos that any lady can get. As a first tattoo you can get it on any body part you want in any size.


Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

Usually butterflies symbolize many different things. They play significant roles in several cultures and there are fascinating stories connected with them. According to the myths associated with butterflies they represent love, beauty, freedom, transformation, new life, fight, birth and new changes. Sometimes graduates wear butterfly tattoos in order to represent their entrance into the new life. It is beloved that butterflies are the souls of people and if you see a butterfly it can be the soul of your beloved one. Another myth says that white butterflies are the souls of little kids who have pure heart. Since these tattoos are main stream tattoos they are chosen by many celebrities as well.


Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Tattoo artists always try to improve butterfly tattoo designs and create such spiffy and fetching images that look both stylish and unique. Each of us can create a stunning butterfly tattoo by using our fantasy. Today you can even get a real-looking butterfly tattoo which looks very impressive in 3D style. These tattoos can be depicted in various colors. If you like neutral colored designs you can choose simple black or brown hues, but if you are fond of colorful tattoos then you can take any hue that goes with your tattoo design. Those that don’t know what design they want they can ask their tattoo artist for help. He/she will surely offer provide you with nice ideas and designs between which you will find the one that best appeals to you. Here we have collected the best options and if you like you can make your choice right here.


So, what designs are available for butterfly tattoos? You can take either a big or a small butterfly tattoo. Since ladies like delicacy they usually prefer small tattoos which can be worn on necks, behind the ear, wrist, hands, fingers and the alike. Larger designs can be located on back, stomach, shoulder and so on. You are also welcome to get a group of butterflies on your body. It looks very delightful and eye-catching. Actually these tattoos make the woman body prettier and tend to emphasize it. They are often combined with several elements that have a kind of association with butterflies. They can be hearts, flowers, stars and quotes referring to love, freedom and transformation.


Now, have a look at these images once more and before choosing one try to match it with your interests and taste.