16 Amazing Flower Tattoos You’ll Actually Want Forever!

When it comes to flower tattoos we pay special attention to each of them. Since very flower represents something interesting and meaningful we devote separate articles for each flower tattoo. However this time we have collected the hottest flower tattoo designs and besides showing the images we’ll also briefly refer to their meanings special for you. They are all done professionally and look very pretty…


So, if you love flowers and have a favorite flower then perhaps you have sometimes been thinking of a nice flower tattoo design. It’s a great idea both for men and women. There are millions for designs for each flower. Though you may like a unique flower, getting the image of which on your body will make you quite differing, but the most common flowers that are taken as tattoo ideas are roses, lotuses, sunflowers, hibiscuses, orchids and cherry blossoms. Here we’ll speak about some of them.


Rose is the symbol of beauty, love and passion. There are many stories and myths associated with this flower. It’s very pretty and has lots of types which can be used as tattoo designs. According to your taste you can choose any rose tattoo you like. There are black inked simple designs and colorful ones. It’s preferable to choose red, white and yellow rose tattoos. You may go for a single image of a rose or for a group of roses.



Lotus is the flower of enlightenment, purity, rebirth and struggle. Since it’s the symbol of Buddhism, many Buddhists go for lotus tattoos choosing different colors for their design. Generally lotuses have different colors and each color stands for a special meaning. There are white, red, purple, blue and pink lotuses.


Sunflower tattoos are closely associated with the sun. They represent warmth and actually have positive meanings. The bright yellow color of this flower allures many people who not only love it but also find some significant symbolization in it. If you, too, like sunflower tattoos here are some examples for you.




Cherry blossom tattoos come from the Japanese body art. They are very meaningful and spiffy tattoo designs. Many women go for this tattoo and generally they get it in larger sizes on their ribs, backs, arms and stomachs. As sleeve tattoos cherry blossoms look very eye-catching and subtle. The pink hue of this flower symbolizes femininity.


Orchids are very delicate and cute flowers. They have the ability of growing in any climatic conditions but they can blossom only in tropical places. They usually have pink and purple hues which make them look more captivating.