14 Skull Tattoos to Inspire Your Next Ink in 2024!

Perhaps you are inspired by the works of Drew Apicture: a tattoo artist from Australia. In this article we’ll refer to the works of this artist who is specialized in hyper-realistic tattoo designs for 2024.


The designs and the images that he creates look like a real photograph. If you want to have realistic tattoo then the works of Drew are just for you. This is one of the styles that not every artist could manage.


The solutions they find while making these tattoo designs are complex and not easy to create. The demand of Hyper- realistic tattoos has increased especially in 2024 after some great works of Drew Apicture.


If you look at the pictures of this type you’ll see the detailed and long-lasting work on them. The artist certainly did his best to get a Hyper-realistic image. The tattoos include not only a skull but also different details that make the design complete.


Here you can see some Hyper-realistic Tattoos for 2024 by Drew Apicture.


So, on the first tattoo we see a human eye with crosses inside, a mysterious door and of course, a skull.


The second tattoo is a 3D tattoo with an image of a beautiful rose and a clock.


On these two pictures one can see a butterfly on the skull and again flowers.


The next tattoo is done on a hand and here too it is seen a human eye and a clock.


This one is done on arm and again we see a beautiful rose with a skull.