These Are the 8 Biggest Tattoo Trends of 2024!

People mostly seek to get original tattoos, however there are many popular tattoo designs that attract our attention due to their symbolic meanings and fine looks. In this article we are going to show you the most popular tattoo designs 2024 that have specific meanings.

#1 Skull Tattoos

This tattoo has deep spiritual meanings. People who like skull tattoos often want to represent their power, strength, protection, fighting death, the ability to overcome difficulties and their major life changes. When you look at this kind of tattoos the first impression you get is that they include some negative, evil or Gothic meanings. You may think why people do such tattoo in the case that it has negative expression? There are many people who think that doing a Skull tattoo will help them to fight against their illnesses or several problems.

#2 Star Tattoos

You think it’s a nice idea? Of course it is, as a Star tattoo is not only awesome but also inspiring. It represents ambitions of a person, the love towards beauty and spirituality. Many people think of having a Star tattoo when they start something new in their lives. As there exist different types of star tattoos the meanings also differ. So, below we’ll speak about those types.

  1. Shooting Star: This is done when something new and special happened in a person’s life, like a new job or relationship or the birth of a child.
  2. Marine Star: This star is often combined with a compass to help the traveler in finding right directions. So, the star is always in the middle of the compass. People who want to find the way of their life often do this marine star.
  3. Pentagram: Depending on the shape of this star it has two different meanings: if it faces upward, it means balance and protection, when it is turned down it means the Satan.
  4. The Star of David: People who follow Judaism are well aware of the meaning of this star. It represents the strength link between God and the human being.

#3 Butterfly Tattoos

These tattoos are really attractive for ladies. The transformation that butterflies undergo during their loves inspires many ladies to have a lovely butterfly tattoo design. As there is a vast amount of appearances of butterflies the opportunity to choose the nicest one for you is big. They are sometimes added to Celtic, fairy or Tribal tattoo collections.

What do butterfly tattoos symbolize?

  1. The tenderness of life
  2. Some change into happiness
  3. Simple and peaceful
  4. New launch
  5. Makes us to change in some changing situations.
  6. Something beautiful but careless

#4 Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac Tattoo design

People who have a kind of belief in astrology may have a tattoo with their zodiac sign. Though it’s simple and easy to do many artists add some details that match the chosen zodiac sign. They can be done both in large sizes and in smaller ones. And the colors to choose are up to you.

#5 Cross Tattoos

There is tendency to have a cross tattoo especially among religious people who want to emphasize their belief towards Christ. But, for example people form Ireland, Scotland and Wales try to have Celtic cross which speaks about their heritage.

Some people get a Cross tattoo to show their respect or love towards their loved one they have lost.

#6 Heart Tattoos

Of course, the meaning of this tattoo is love with all it’s ways of expression. A Heart Tattoo is very popular in 2024 and it’s done both by men and women. It’s up to your own imagination what kind of heart tattoo you want. For example there are heart tattoos with key and lock, there is a tendency to have a half shaped heart or many couples choose to have the half on one’s hand the second half on another’s hand. Many prefer to get a red one and many others choose the black. They can be both large and small, but if you are a woman then you should take into account that smaller ones look nicer.

#7 Tribal Tattoos

Tribal Tattoo ideas

Tribal tattoos are just the ones that have mystical and magical meanings and are widely used in tattoo art. People often do it to show their pride or to represent major life events. Each tribal tattoo has it’s story and this is well known among native Americans. The dominant color for this tattoo style is black. It is often done in large sizes on arm or on back.

#8 Dragon Tattoos

What do dragons represent? They are always considered to be symbols of spirit, power, bravery and magic. One of the best advantages of Dragon tattoos is that they can be done with different colors depending on the taste, mood and character of a person. They look stunning and differing. These types of tattoos are done on both large and small sizes. People who wear them want to show that they are free and powerful.