9 Sun Tattoo Ideas for Women That Brighten Up Your Day 2022

Perhaps you have seen many people wearing sun tattoos. Actually these tattoos are very required tattoos that never leave the body art. They are very meaningful and admirable tattoos that both sexes go for. Each of us knows how essential the sun is for our lives. It could be impossible to live without the existence of the sun. It has great importance almost in every culture and is worshiped in many religions.


The sun is the most essential star in our galaxy and it’s the closest star to the Earth. It gives off heat, light and energy and is the source of the growing nature. In ancient cultures people believed that the sun was the creator of all the Earth and they worshiped it, did sacrifices for it and viewed it just as a god.


In ancient Egypt the sun was associated with the God Horus which is the rising sun, with Ra which stands for the sun’s zenith, and with Osiris which is the setting sun. In Christianity people associate it with the cross and the Christ. There are different symbols for the sun-cross and people choose them as tattoo designs. In Christianity it also represents energy, rebirth, strength and power.


The sun has great importance in astrology too. It is connected with the zodiac sign n and their symbolization and since it’s the most important star in our galaxy and everything whirls around it many factors in our life go on due to it.


People looking from sun tattoos sometimes get confused because of the great amount of designs for these tattoos. There are tribal, Celtic, the Sun and the Moon tattoos which differ from each other by their designs. Now we’ll discuss some of them.


These tattoos are quite popular due to their mysterious bold designs mainly depicted in black and red colors. Though people used only black ink in ancient times but today you can see more evolved tribal sun tattoos. These tattoos represent the relation between the sun and the life and symbolize strength, creativity and intelligence.


Celtic sun tattoos are also mainstream tattoos that are chosen by both genders. They represent light, healing, life and fertility. In the rich Celtic culture the sun was associated with many gods who symbolized life, energy and heat.


Black sun tattoos usually symbolize an end of an old thing and a beginning of a new one. Many think that it can also represent rebirth. These tattoos look very powerful in their bold black shade.