20+ Beautiful Female Feather Tattoo Design Ideas

The usage of feathers usually goes back to ancient times when Native American tribes used them as traditional and meaningful decorations on their bodies.


Today many people go for feather tattoos just taking into account it’s beauty, meanings and significance they had in old times. They are very sophisticated and pretty tattoos and now we’ll discuss some of them. Both men and women go for these tattoos and consider them as a part of the rich Native American culture.


As feathers are met in different hues and designs each can get a feather tattoo according to his/her taste. For many years feathers had a huge significance in Native American traditions.


They were used on head dresses, cloths, tools, jewelry and even weapons. As you know feathers were the inseparable parts of the symbolic mascot dreamcatcher which was mainly decorated with beautiful feathers. People believed that feathers help them have spiritual touch with their souls.


During traditional festivals or ceremonies members of tribes wore colorful and big feathers. Fathers also symbolized the power of the air, wind and Gods.


Later on feathers became symbolic in Celtic culture too. They say that druids used feathers for different purposes during their meetings and ceremonies. In ancient Egypt people it was believed that feathers were associated with sky gods.


Since feathers have the ability of flying away freely and without and hardships they can also symbolize freedom, easiness and your dreams. The most common designs for feather tattoos are single depicted feathers. In few cases you may see several feathers taken together as a tattoo design.


But they can be combined with different things too, like birds, sky, ribbons, different trims and quotes. The colors of feathers can symbolize different things as well. Thus, white feathers may stand for innocence, red feather can represent love and passion, and yellow feathers may symbolize intelligence and so on.


In most cases tattoo artists choose eagle, peacock, swallow, turkey, and egret and ostrich feathers for tattoo designs. They look very subtle and spiffy. All of them symbolize freedom, flight, traveling, lightness, speed, hope, promise, dreams, high spirit and truth. But of course the main meaning is still remains freedom.


So, if you have decided to wear a feather tattoo you can choose one of these options. There are plenty of ideas for these tattoos and according to your interests you can get either a colorful or a neutral black inked feather on your body.


Women usually choose subtle and feminine feather tattoos as a means of body decoration and men pick more neutral designs.