19 Amazing Infinity Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

The infinity symbol is the representation of eternity. It has the shape of the number 8 in lying position. It was first invented by John Wallis who was a mathematician of 17th century.


This symbol continues to be used as the sign of infinity in mathematics. Today we’ll speak about infinity tattoo designs and their meanings which will definitely give you a good idea for your next tattoo.


Infinity tattoo design is the simplest and one of the coolest tattoos that can be worn by both genders. It is prefect choice especially for first timers as it is not a too detailed, too painful and too big tattoo. You can wear it on any body part making your body both attractive and fascinating.


These are very interesting tattoos that attract many young people. They can symbolize anything that has no end is eternal. It can be used to bring happiness and positivity in one’s life. Another meaning of this symbol is the act of continual cycle of birth and death.


This is symbolic in Buddhism as well as in Christianity. Many couples go for these tattoos to show their everlasting and endless love. It’s a great way to draw attention on your strong relationship and to strengthen the link between you two.


You can divide the symbol into two parts and each wear one part of it which will speak about the fact that your love is complete when you are together. Another idea is to get the name of your soul mate along with your tattoo design.


There are lots of thing you can do with your infinity tattoo design to make it unique and more interesting. The perfect relationships between best friends, lovers and parent-child link can be represented with this symbol.


You can add heart shapes to your tattoo or get it in the shapes of hearts. You may like the idea to decorate your tattoo design with leaves, flowers or vines. They will make it more alluring and beautiful. Other combos make quotes associated with life, love and something endless.


Those who wish to add it a religious and spiritual touch can get two infinity symbols mingled into one design in a shape of cross. Bird added to an infinity tattoo design can symbolize freedom. It also looks very exquisite. Bows, butterflies, stars, anchors and skulls are also used as additional elements to an infinity tattoo.


These tattoos can be depicted on neck, wrist, hand, ankle, shoulder, collar bone and forearm in small sizes. Actually they look more attractive in small sizes.


It’s a unisex design and is very popular these days. Sometimes you may see ring finger tattoos in a form of the infinity sign. Another option of wearing this tattoo comes in the temporary type of tattoo which can be done with henna.


Whatever you choose make sure you are going to get a differing and incredible design which will show off your taste and preferences. Have a look at these examples once more and choose the one that is closer to your interests.