15 Minimalistic Cat Tattoos For Cat Lovers

Cats are one of the pets that appeal to many people and feel themselves comfortable to live with them. They are very cute, calm and interesting animals that fascinate many of us. Today you can see people who wear cat tattoos and in this way they try to show their love towards their pet. Cats also have great significance in different cultures and this also plays a great role in body art.


In modern tattoo art cat tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Though they are mainly chosen by girls but some guys sometimes go for cat tattoos as well. Cats are very calm, intelligent, harmless and independent animals in their nature. They like to be loved and like to be in the center of attention. On the other hand they feel convenience when they are with the person who takes care of them. Cats symbolize domestic goodness. They were considered as the Goddess of Moon in ancient Egyptian culture. In most cases these creatures are considered as guardian of homes too.


Once a cat tattoo is done on your skin it looks very spiffy and cute. The best designs for girls are black cat tattoos. They can be worn in small sizes on neck, wrist, stomach, arm, ankle or shoulder. You can have it in a still and sound shape or in a movement. Those that look for larger designs can get them on back, forearm or on leg. According to your preferences you can choose any color you like for you cat tattoo design. If you like natural and real-looking designs you can go for black, brown or white hues but if you like colorful tattoos you may go for a cartoon cat tattoo. The most important and fascinating thing about cat tattoos is their eyes.





Usually they are very shiny, sparkling and influential. To get the right effect you should opt for a skillful tattoo artist. It’s very essential to find a tattoo artist who always pays special attention to the eyes of a cat design while depicting it on your body. Here I have collected some examples for you from which you can choose a nice cat tattoo design. They all look charming and lovely and if you like your pet you’ll hardly make your decision as the examples look unique. You can go for the design that best reflects the image your own cat. Combining it with personal details you can get an original tattoo design.