14 Best Geisha Tattoo Designs You Have To See To Believe!

Japanese tattoo art has a rich and fascinating history that comes from old times. These tattoos are closely connected with the Japanese culture and the designs include elements of this rich culture.

They are generally very complicated, colorful and meaningful. Though before it was forbidden to wear tattoos in Asia but after the cultural influences of Europe it became common among Asian cultures. Today you can see incredible Japanese tattoo designs that are worn both by men and women. There is even a special book devoted to Japanese tattooing. One can find smashing tattoo designs among the pictures of Japanese tattoos and those that are interested in Asian cultures can find it interesting to discover Japanese tattoo art


So, what can you see on a Japanese tattoo? Perhaps everything connected with Japanese culture can be depicted on your body. Many elements are sometimes mixed in one design and bring out different images. To catch the elements of these designs you are expected to gaze at them for a couple of minutes or even more.


The main image may represent the Koi fish, Kanji, Dragon, Demon, Skulls, Fu Dog, Cherry Blossoms, Snake, Geisha and Peonies etc. The sizes for these tattoos are quite large and the main reason is the complicated nature of the designs. They are basically tattooed on back, arms, chest, across the rib and across legs. Ladies usually choose floral and more delicate tattoos while men prefer more masculine designs of snakes, dragons and fish.


The chosen colors of these tattoos are often bright and remind us of nature. Green, red, blue, yellow, pink and other vivid colors are the typical colors for Japanese tattoos. You can also see water and wave tattoo designs which look quite realistic. The aesthetic approach used while creating these tattoos makes them more attractive.


Compared with other designs these designs take you to another world where heroes in the forms of animals fight for people and struggle against misfortunes to help human beings. Unlike their forbidding images these creatures have positive features and they are considered to be protectors of human beings. This is the main reason why many Japanese people go for these tattoos. Due to these tattoos they feel more self-confident and show off their beliefs and passion towards Japanese culture.



If you like the idea of getting a Japanese tattoo then these designs can help you find the best idea for you. You can get it as a sleeve, back or chest tattoo depending on your preferences.