13 Beautiful Leg Tattoo Ideas for Women – Mom’s Got the Stuff

Sometimes people wish to get a tattoo but the facts that tattoos are permanent and forever don’t allow them to go for a tattoo. But there is a great solution which is used by many people.

The thing is about temporary henna tattoo designs. These tattoos are very common especially among women and the way they are reflected on bodies is very inspiring. Henna tattoos are worn for special occasions as well as just for fun.


These tattoos are also known as Mehndi tattoos. They are one of the oldest tattoos that are much evolved these days. Henna is a tint made of a plant which is used as a hair dye. It is met in brown, reddish brown and orange-brown colors and other ingredients may be used for the black ink. But it is also used as a tattoo ink and lasts for about 2 weeks. That’s why henna tattoos are so popular. The so called “black henna” actually is made of different mixtures. It contains “coal tar” which is added to hair dyes as well.


Henna tattoos are the best choices for women because they provide us with so many charming designs that can be used as body embellishments. In many cultures women wear henna tattoos for their wedding day. They are traditional tattoos and have specific meanings. Today young ladies love to experiment with different henna tattoo designs as they are temporary and make their body prettier. These tattoos are worn on most body parts but the common areas are hands, arms, legs, feet, back, shoulder and lower back. They are perfect especially for summer months when you can show off your body. The main designs hold subtle trims but you can get any image you like on your body. You can choose flowers, animals, birds, vine branches, laces, feathers or something else.



Nowadays the majority of people who don’t want a permanent tattoo get a design on their body by henna ink. These designs are simple, small and cute. They can be worn by men as well since the images chosen for these tattoos are loved both by men and women. They can be hearts, anchors, EKG line, stars, names, the symbol of infinity, sun and moon, the symbol of peace and so on.

In this post you can find incredibly beautiful henna tattoos and can make your choice right here. Only make sure you have found the best tattoo artist who can provide you with the desired tattoo.