10 Lion Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Roar

Between animal tattoos lions are main stream tattoos. They are quite powerful and fascinating tattoos that attract both sexes.


Like all animal tattoos lion tattoos also have a kind of symbolization associated with the attitude and lifestyle of these wild animals. Today we’ll speak about lion tattoos and their meanings and you will have the opportunity of choosing a cool design for your tattoo.


As we all know lion is the king of all animals. It rules the wild life and has a miraculous power. The way it loves and the way it hunts inspires many men. It has very strong characteristic features typical only it’s nature. Lions are the most scary and striking animals that exist in on the planet.


There are so many stories, myths and legends associated with these creatures. In ancient Roman mythology it was the symbol of love and in Egyptian legends it represented balance. A lion tattoo can symbolize power, strength, kingdom, energy and harmony.


There are plenty of styles and designs available for lion tattoos. Before picking a particular design try to do more research to find your style and the best design for you. You can go for a tribal lion tattoo which is basically inked in black color.


There are Leo zodiac sign tattoos as well and they are chosen by people born under this sign. Other alternatives are 3D lion tattoos, colored lion tattoos and roaring lion tattoos. According to your interest you may make your choice between these.


What concerns combinations there are several ideas like crowns, anthems, fire, sun, quotes and so on. If you are a woman try to choose a neutral image of a lion and man who want to enhance their strength and power can go for rougher and more masculine designs.


Here you can see professionally depicted lion tattoos in various styles and sizes. Of course, the most startling and astounding designs are in 3D styles which look more realistic and effectual. If you are really inspired by lions and decided to get a lion tattoo then consider several factors.


For larger designs you are expected to provide much canvas such as back, chest or arm. For small designs you can choose your hand, shoulder and neck.


Depending on the body part you pick your tattoo can look either very flashy or less eye-catching. However these tattoos always grab attention no matter what size they have. Try to get it on a visible place in order to show it off. These kinds of tattoos represent the personality of the wearer and usually men with a lion tattoo wants to emphasize the similarity between him and this animal.