11 Amazing Moon Tattoos with Meanings

If you feel that moon tattoo ideas are meant just special for you then you should go through this article. Here I have collected the best designs for the mysterious moon tattoos which will inspire you. The moon has always been in the center of attention of many painters, poets and human history. It was the subject of visual arts including body art and continues to be on the list of the most popular tattoo ideas ever.


These tattoos are chosen by both sexes for various reasons. As the moos has great importance in most cultures, religions and legends people appreciate it and consider as a very astounding and mysterious symbol which hold interesting meanings. It has been the symbol of time, illumination, intuition and emotion. Many of us link some feelings, emotional states and even diseases with the moon. This is the symbol of many countries and you can see national flags with the image of the moon on them.


It is associated with the fair sex as well and represents femininity, fertility and beauty. That’s why many women go for moon tattoos. They sometimes combine it with the stars, cats, floral patterns, fairies, trims and alike. Men usually go for more realistic images and combine them with clouds, sky and female profiles. The body parts chosen for moon tattoos are shoulders napes, lower backs, backs, upper backs, ribs, arms and so on. Those who prefer small tattoos get a moon tattoo on fingers, hands, feet, wrists or necks. From the most detailed to the simplest moon tattoo designs you can choose a tattoo closer to your interests and preferences.


The combination of the moon and the sun is seen not only in paintings, in symbols and in religions but also in tattoo art. These designs are depicted in various ways and in different colors. You can choose either the bold black color for your tattoo or red-blue combo representing sun and moon unity. They are sometimes met in the symbol of peace as well.


As you know the moon and wolves have a strange and interesting relationship which is quite astounding. No other animal is as closely associated with the moon as the wolf. That’s why in most wolf or moon tattoos you can see these two creatures taken together in one design.


Perhaps this is the most popular combination for moon tattoos. Stars make the moon tattoo complete and more beautiful. Besides symbolizing prettiness and tenderness these tattoos also represent wishes, aims and new life.


Moon tattoos are very eye-catching if they are done in different hues. Generally these colors are in blue, pink, purple and yellowish shades. If you like colorful tattoos you may get your moon tattoo in subtle hues. Here are some such options which are depicted professionally and look very spiffy. They are unique and differing designs and if you like one of them you may get it adding a personal detail for a more original look.