10+ Insanely Hot Leg Sleeve Tattoos for Women

Sleeve tattoos have quite large and complicated designs which cover either your entire leg or arm. Today we’ll speak about leg sleeve tattoos for women and will discuss some ideas for this kind of tattoos. Women who go for sleeve tattoos usually choose designs that could enhance the beauty of their legs and can represent their personality. And the subtler your design the more feminine you’ll look.


Today these tattoos are chosen by many women who appreciate body art and wish to get a very eye-catching tattoo. They look hot and astounding enough making your body even more fascinating. There are plenty of themes that can be used in sleeve tattoos and since they include many details the meanings of these tattoos can be various too. The best advantage of sleeve tattoos is that they give you the opportunity of creating a unique design by using your own fantasy. You can add such details to your tattoo that are personal and can go with your design as well. So, which are the most common designs that women can pick for their leg sleeve tattoo?


First of all let’s consider the fact that flowers and women have common features and this is the main reason why they are usually compared with each other. Then flowers have always been great decorations for women. Floral tattoos mainly contain flowers and leaves which look very exquisite on female legs. There are special vine tattoos which are basically chosen as sleeve tattoos. These designs are generally combined with beautiful flowers. You can get either a neutral colored floral design or a colorful one. According to your preferences you may go for big flower designs or for small cuter ones.


When it comes to Japanese tattoos we can say that men and women usually choose the same designs and there is no difference between male and female tattoos. These are masterpieces that inspire most body art lovers. In these designs you can see trimmings from the Japanese culture and mythology. The main images include the legendary Koi fish, dragons, tiger and many more significant creatures that have deep meanings in the rich Japanese culture. These tattoos are very colorful and bring out interesting combinations. You can get several characters in various hues on one leg sleeve tattoo.


Women who choose Mexican tattoos perhaps love the fascinating solutions that these designs offer. Mexican tattoos are basically created with the images of sugar skulls, gypsy girls, flowers and sometimes even with quotes. This combo can be designed very beautifully showing off each detail quite clearly. They can be either in black and brown shaded designs or in colorful inks.


Now, have a look at these examples once more and if you want to go for a leg sleeve tattoo then make your choice right here.