10+ Chic & Sexy Hip Tattoo Ideas To Inspire Your Next Trip To The Parlor

Everyone who has ever dealt with tattoo art surely knows how requested tribal tattoos are. They are very meaningful and in most cases people choose these tattoos. There are various designs for men and women and today we’ll speak about tribal tattoo designs for women. Females that have decided to go for a tribal tattoo should be very careful in the choice of the design to pick a subtle and feminine tattoo for them.


These tattoos are main stream tattoos and look very astounding on bodies. Being the oldest tattoo designs tribal tattoos are popular both among men and women. You can see subtler designs special for women and it is known that in ancient times women also wore tattoos.


It is said that tribal style is the birth of tattoo art and today is more developed. It was spread everywhere in the world and each tribe has it’s own tattoo designs. That’s why today we have so many options for this style. They hold different meanings and symbolization. In ancient cultures almost everyone who passed the period of childhood wore at least one tribal tattoo on his/her body. It was a way of recognizing each other among other tribes.


Though in most cases men got more tattoos on their bodies than women, but the designs created for women looked quite feminine and refined. Women usually prefer to get these tattoos on their neck, upper chest, back, lower back and shoulders. As women played really great role in tribes they used to express themselves by the means of their tattoos.


There is an ancient tribe called Maori that is still alive and members of this tribe wear different kind of tattoos. They are particularly known for their head and face tattoos but they have other tattoo designs for various body parts as well. Until the influences of the Western cultures tribal tattoos had designs similar to each other.


Today they are designed along with other elements too. Women wear these tattoos as a means of body decorations. They combine the designs with butterflies, flowers and vine branches. There are cases when the main symbol is decorated with tribal designs on both ends. There are also tribal butterflies and tribal flowers which look quite spiffy on bodies. You can see dragonflies, stars, sun, moon, angels, dragons, and hearts in the tribal style.


If you are a woman and you have decided to go for a tribal tattoo design you should consider several factors. Tribal tattoos are mainly inked in black color. But it will be better to get a bit colored design to make it stylish. it’s important to be sure what design you want and which elements are suitable for it. It also depends on the body part you choose for your tattoo. Take some time to do research and find out the best design for you. Pick a tattoo according to your taste and preferences and try to look as stylish as possible.