10+ Baby Name Tattoo Ideas for Inked Moms

When we are born we are given names. This is very common and not so exiting, but I find something very fascinating in it and would like to share it with my readers too. Today’s article will be devoted to name tattoo ideas and we’ll refer to some amusing things about these tattoos. If you are thinking of a name tattoo then keep on reading to find out what possible ideas there are for these tattoos.


There are billions of names in the world and in every language you can find various meanings for each name. Some love the names they are given and some just hate they are called like that. They say that the name you bear has a kind of association with the mission of people who had already have that name.


There is also an interesting fact that if the child is given to his/her grandfather’s or grandmother’s name, for example, he/she gains the same characteristic features of his grandpa or grandma. Other stories tell that parents should not give the name of a deceased to their child as it’s a bad sign and may bring misfortunates in the life of the child. All these beliefs speak about the fact that people give great importance to names. Every name has it’s uniqueness and it’s story.


And when we are getting acquainted with new people the first thing we ask is his/her name. Well, speaking about name tattoos we can say that the wearers of these tattoos have unrepeatable tattoos because they are very personal and include only the name of a special person.


People usually get the names of the people they most love. Usually they go for these tattoos to show their respect, love and passion towards someone. There are even cases when they wear the name of their pet. But in most cases they get the name of a departed person who had been a good friend, irreplaceable parent, grandparent or the beloved one of your whole life.


The ideas for creating an incredible tattoo are plenty enough. You can get either the name as a single word tattoo or you may combine it with several other elements like flowers, quotes, hearts, the symbol of infinity, stars or ribbons and the alike. If you like you can get the name of your favorite star (singer, actor, writer etc.) on your body.


The locations for these tattoos are very essential. You can’t get them wherever you like. The most common parts are wrists, hands, forearms, chests, ribs, napes and shoulder. Few are cases when people get them on foots or legs. These tattoos are generally in small sizes and in neutral colors, however if you combine them with other elements you can color them.